Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Handmade Christmas x

Hello readers and I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, Santa brought you some lovely gifts, you ate some yummy food and had fun with family and friends. I had a lovely time on both my birthday and Christmas but sadly everyone else has a cold virus so feels yucky. Me, well I'm fine thank you for asking.

For this post I thought I'd just share a few handmade things I used at Christmas.

Firstly let's talk  FIMO, something I've not used before but loved playing with. The other year I made some Xmas ornaments from salt dough which were initially a success however when you live in a damp flat, despite layers of varnish, they do not last so had to be sadly thrown away.

So this year I bought some FIMO and sat down to make some tags and small stars. I purchased White and Cherry Red shades of FIMO just because I love those colours and they match most wrapping paper I had. I used small rubber letter stamps for the names and made holes in the shapes for hanging with a paint brush.

It's all very easy to roll out on a board and I used metal cutters to cut out star shapes. Once they're cut put them on a baking tray and bake them in your oven, follow the instructions on the pack. You can get air dry FIMO I think too.

Once were hardened I threaded the large star tags onto ribbon and the small ones onto twine then wrapped them onto my gifts.

Secondly, the cake. Usually my mum makes this but as I was hostess this year I made one myself too, Nigella Lawson's Chocolate Fruit Cake. I got the recipe from her book but it is also available online here. It's very easy to bake and smells gorgeous.

To decorate, I used an idea from a magazine of a holly wreath. I bought pre-rolled icing and cut out lots of holly leaves and then rolled out some red icing for the ribbon pieces.

And here's what it looks like and it tastes divine! I added some gold baubles alongside the red icing berries and my sister had some gold glimmer spray so I gave it some glitter too.


  1. You have been most skilful with that cake - it looks really beautiful! Your stars are lovely too - just as well you didn't end up putting fimo on the cake and iced leaves on the presents :).

  2. So glad you werent ill as well. Love those special Fimo touches you added to your gifts, and not only does that cake sound delicious but it looks it also.

  3. I love your little fimo tags and hearts....what a great idea.

  4. Love the fimo embellishments. They look so elegant. Will have to try them myself

  5. I love the fimo tags you made... gorgeous!! The Christmas cake looks yum too :)


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