Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Club 3 x

I apologise for this post being a day late but Blogger automatic posting failed :(

So welcome to week 3 of Sian's meme Christmas Club. Hope you are all loving the wonderful stories shared so far.

Todays story was inspired by Abi who reminded me from her story last week of some of the special times I have spent with my dad at Christmas time.

As many of you well know, I am a Christmas baby, not Christmas Day but Eve. Every year as a child I had to have my birthday parties days in advance as people were going off to relatives for Christmas so I although I was very lucky to have a party I felt my birthday wasn't the same as everyone elses.

Thankfully my parents had a cunning plan and my dad and I would go off on my birthday to the local cinema to see a film together. Looking back, I imagine it was also to give my mum time to get sorted for Christmas Day and also look after my baby sister and maybe have a quiet minute to herself.

Anyway, I can remember getting in the car all wrapped up warm and my dad driving us to Christchurch, our local cinema, to go the pictures. Driving to Christchurch was always lovely because you went through bits of the New Forest and also suburban areas where trees twinkled in the windows and as you came into Christchurch itself the town was decorated with lights up above us to celebrate Christmas.

I would hold hands with my dad as we walked into the cinema and he would buy the tickets to the film. There was only ever one choice as far as I remember and we would take our seats. Mum would send us off with a small bag of sweeties to eat and we would wait for the film to begin.

I remember the seats were soft and red and how the big curtain would open when the film started. It was always a Disney film as I think in those days they released them every Christmas. I vividly remember watching Mowgli dancing with bears, elephants and naughty monkeys,

singing along to the songs and even watching a Disney princess sing along while she did the housework, made 7 dwarfs dinner and eventually met her handsome prince.

But what I most remember is being with my dad on the way home and singing the songs together even if we didn't remember the words.

I hope you have special things you do together with your family at Christmas xx


  1. What precious memories. How lovely to have your dad all to yourself with your own special tradition.

  2. Wow amazing memories and photos. Merry Christmas

  3. Jo, this is wonderful. When I was little and we had just moved to the country, my dad and I used to set out to work every morning, me holding his hand and singing "heyho heyho, it's off to work we go". So I could picture the two of you perfectly.

    I hope you have a great birthday and a Merry Christmas

  4. What wonderful memories of the time you spent with your father. This was such a wonderful tradition. I think it is always so special when a child gets the full attention of one parent. I remember these movies as a child too. Cinderella was my favourite. And we had to see them in the cinemas since there were no videos then. It was a rare treat going to the movies. :)

  5. What a lovely remembrance. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Oh what a lovely set of memories - hope you had a great birthday and Christmas this year.

  7. I was really moved that you have such lovely, happy memories of times with your Dad when you were growing up ... that journey to the cinema sounds most magical. I remember curtains going back and taking our own sweets in too!


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