Thursday, 12 February 2015

OLW 2015 - mood board x

Hi everyone today I thought I would share this months One Little Word 2015 prompt which was to make a mood board related to your word. If you read my previous post, my word for this year is Light.

Ali Edwards began the idea of a making a mood board a couple of years ago but to be honest I never really engaged with that idea before. However, this year I really felt that making a mood board was a brilliant idea as I had seen so many amazing and inspiring pictures and words not only on Pinterest for example, but in magazines.

Ali's idea was to use whatever things struck a chord with you and to make a mood board from them. So I sat down one afternoon with some old magazines from my mum like Good Housekeeping and also a couple I bought specifically. I bought Psychologies because I thought there would be alot of words related to light such as enlightenment, health and well being but also things related indirectly to my word. I also bought a beautiful magazine called Landscape which had incredible articles and pictures from places in the UK primarily which really called out to me.

Having made a pile of cuttings I got myself a cheap canvas from a shop, mine were £6.00 for two canvases sized 16" x 20". I also got out my decopatch glue which is not only a glue but a varnish too and I thought would therefore protect my masterpiece once completed.

I had chosen several large images of bluebell woods, beaches, a girl playing in a field and a Greek style windmill. I also found some candle images and a camera and a whole range of words to use including light, glow, health, mindfulness, twinkle and sparkle for example. I built up from my base layer of pictures and added my words and some lovely quotes onto the canvas.

And here is the result................

Above is the completed mood board in all it's glory and I really am very happy with the results. Ultimately, I have created a board with four areas of focus, which I will elaborate on below.

The top left hand corner is really focused on the word Light. I found a beautiful beach and sea picture for the background. Going to the sea makes my mood lighter and I feel young and silly again so I had to include something about that.

In the top right hand corner is the picture of the Greek windmill and the colour of the sky is perfect, it looks relaxing and warm and that makes me feel light, the central image of the lights are a variety of bulbs hanging from a tree in the forest and they just glowed hence them being sited below that word glow.

The bottom right is focused on more healthy activities for body and mind. I just loved the model running across the field with her net. This I felt brought humour into my board. I put all the words and quotes about losing, weight, focusing on a healthy mind and body onto this area too.

In the lower left hand quarter is a wonderful photograph of a path leading through a bluebell wood. I love bluebells, they remind me of my childhood. The path sort of leads of into the health focused section but that was a fluke really. I wanted to keep most of the picture clear. I added a picture of a camera as light is integral to taking great pictures, and I added the sparkle and twinkle words above.

I found the model with all the red butterflies like a hat in the Psychologies magazine. I love butterflies, they are light as a feather and the picture again was quite whimsical hence added abit of humour.

This is just a closeup of the quotes from the healthy section.

I am really very pleased with it and I know that it will fire me with inspiration for the rest of the year.

I would love to hear about your moodboards or your opinions on mine.


  1. It's a-shimmer with energy and vitality, Jo! Wishing you every good thing on it, as you journey through the year ...

  2. Love the sparkle-twinkle butterfly gathering!
    P.S. Thanks for my Valentine's envelope - so excited to open it this weekend.

  3. I love it! and I'm wishing you every good thing on it too.

    I've seen that Landscape magazine and been tempted. The other one I love with beautiful photos is The Simple Things: have you seen it?


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