Saturday, 14 February 2015

Sian's Valentines postcard swap - part 1 x

Good morning and a very happy St Valentine's day to you.

A few weeks back, Sian postulated the idea of a postcard swap in celebration of Valentines day and obviously I signed up. I received the names of 6 lovely ladies to send my postcards to, and that is where the fun began.

Sian's suggestion was to choose postcards which celebrated something which you loved and to share that with the person the card was sent to. I decided to go onto Etsy and choose some handmade, original cards for my recipients which reflected special things I loved.

In the main, I chose literary cards. I found two wonderful shops which sold individual postcards related to literature. One shop called Castle on the Hill produced postcards of famous couples from Jane Austen novels and using the words as backgrounds, the couples were beautifully reproduced in paint on the card as well. I bought a pack with 6 images, 2 of each and chose this as one card and one from Sense and Sensibility as the other.

This image is from Persuasion which is my favourite Austen novel.

The second shop was one which used primarily quotes called The Literary Emporium. I chose two cards from the shop,  one from Wuthering Heights my favourite book

and one from C.S. Lewis where he extols the virtues of big cups of tea and books. I am a big cup of tea girl so perfect.

Both images are from The Literary Emporium website

I then chose some postcards with original images on them. The first was of two beautiful lovebirds which are quintessentially about love after all. This card came from Bryony Crane's Etsy shop. Bryony paints beautiful images and I just fell in love with this image and the colours too.

 I also found a fab card of a cupcake and cat from The Vintage Artist on Etsy and obviously I love both of those. Niki paints beautiful paintings and has a wonderful website where she blogs and explains more about her work.

My cards have some to North and South America and also the UK. One recipient even lives up the road, sort of, and one of the Etsy sellers lived in the town up from her so it turned into a Somerset thing.

I loved the opportunity to find interesting cards to send and also to find some new sellers on Etsy to enjoy.

I hope all my cards arrived in their right places in time and that my recipients love them as much as I enjoyed finding and sending them.

I will do a second post once my cards are here from their senders. So excited.

Did you take part in Sian's swap and receive some great cards? I'd love to know.


  1. I was lucky enough to receive the Persuasion card, which is so beautiful! I love its composition. Thank you! I've received four cards so far; each one is so different from the others. Have to check around to see if mine have landed.

  2. Hi Jo! I got that lovely love birds card which is just gorgeous! I love the colors too. Thank you so much!

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  4. Hi Jo I received your card with the quote from Wuthering Heights, thanks very much! My book group will be reading the book later in the year, although I have read it I will read it again. We do live quite close to each other, let me know if you would like to meet for a coffee sometime!

  5. What a great choice of cards...why didn't I think to look at Etsy? There should be one headed your way from Spain! Xx

  6. I love how you decided to choose these cards..and they are all beautiful! Thanks so much for joining in Jo. Happy Valentine's!

  7. What fabulous cards, Jo! I'm a big Jane Austen fan myself :)

  8. These are super - I really like the CS Lewis quote in particular! I am sure the recipients will all be delighted.

  9. This is lovely. Thanks for letting me know. Niki x

  10. Hi Jo thanks for my beautiful postcard that arrived safely

  11. I immediately guessed that card was from Persuasion, a fave of mine as well. And yes, my cards have starting arriving as well. Such fun, isn't it.

  12. I just wanted to say thank you again for my super postcard. I love it :)


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