Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Two on Tuesday x

I feel sorry for Tuesdays. It's not the beginning of the week exactly like Monday and it certainly isn't the middle of the week like Wednesday nor is it humpday when you're on a Monday to Sunday rota or night duty. It doesn't have the excitement of finishing work on Fridays or the decadense of the weekend.

Tuesday is not anything as far as I can see. Even in blogland it's all about the Mondays, Fridays, weekends and Thursdays. So in true underdog fashion, Tuesday is being given its rightful place as I present to you........

From now on Tuesday can hold her head high, justified in her belief that one day her true nature would be seen, that the ugly sisters of Monday and Wednesday would no longer hide her true flair and she should shine like the star she is.

So without further fanfare, let me share with you two items I have found interesting, insightful, inspiring, creative, helpful or just simply fun this week.

Firstly may I present for your delectation Sarah's blogpost on clearing up your blog in preparation for freshening up your blog and making her glitter and shine. She's like a bloggers Fairy godmother.

Sarah writes really simple but very effective blogposts on all manner of blog related goodness and her hints and tips give you a great jumpstart if you're wanting to learn about blogging, how to redesign or refresh your blog or quite simply how to write a good post on "how to". I have used her ideas on several occasions to redesign my blog here. This year I've redesigned my header and updated my about page and I'm in the process of also updating my other additional pages.

Secondly, I'd like to share a new video show courteousy of Amy Tangerine and Jamie Waters. They have recently collaborated together on a great new handbook called "5 practices to squeezing more out of your creative life". It's free to donwload and if you go to Amy's site there is a link in the video for it.
I have to say my day was made by their co-host Tudor Williams who made me want to wrap him up, bring him home and let him sing to me while I scrapbook. He's good to look at and sings up a fine tune.

These videos will follow Amy and Jamie as they are given 3 random items and have to scrapbook using those in some way in only 15 minutes and as always they create something truly inspiring.

Below is the first video of the handbook work she and Jamie began .......

 For a lovely look at the handbook in use then hop over to my friend Jennifer's blog for a peak at how she used hers


  1. Both great suggestions..and a post which has been a very enjoyable read

    1. You always say just the right thing Sian xxx

  2. You have brought us very thought-provoking things :). I much enjoyed the video and will pop over and look at the handbook in a few moments - you have downloaded a copy?

    1. yes I have mine and will be starting it this weekend xxx


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