Monday, 4 May 2015

Do you see what I see?x

.............a star, a star, shining in the sky................ oops nope it's not Christmas, I just felt a song come on as I wrote this.

In all seriousness, I was mooching around the Bloglovin feed yesterday and came across the lovely Abi's post which she has written. Using one picture, she had then written a list of things she could see in that picture. She had taken inspiration from this blog post by Ali Edwards. Both these women have now inspired me to write somethings down about what I see in this picture...........

I see two women who met about 20 years ago working on the same ward and one who took an instant dislike to the other.

I see two women who despite that first meeting have grown to be extremely close friends and have supported each other through some pretty rough times.

I see two women who forced the one woman's husband to watch Dirty Dancing when they had evenings in.............. sorry M x.

I see one woman who has an incredibly strong faith, who is an incredible mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend.

I see one woman who has struggled with her faith but has been successful in rebuilding it thanks to the other woman.

I see two woman who both struggle with unseen health issues and despite those issues continue to live "normal" lives.

I see two women who are strong because of what life has thrown at them.

I see two beautiful women, one completely outside and in, the other just on the inside.

I see two women's spirits shining brightly

I see two women who despite living miles apart can pick up their conversations as if it was only yesterday.

I see two women who love another as great friends.

I see two ex-nurses who have forged into new avenues and are thriving.

I see me and my friend Teresa

What do you see and are you brave enough to write it down?


  1. What a great friendship- and a great photo!

  2. I see two beautiful, smiley ladies! Yay for amazing friendships!

  3. What an amazing lady to have around. I see a very smiley, very happy, bubbly blog friend, I have been blessed to know over the last few years. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog the other day too!

  4. I see two gorgeous smiles. And I suspect that as I like one of those women very much indeed, I'd get on with the other one too!

  5. What a lovely post! And I actually see two beautiful ladies, with the inner beauty reflected in the outer :).


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