Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Two on Tuesday ......................... on Wednesday x

Yep a day late, but better late than never right?

Today I am going to be brief and just tell you the two best things that have happened in the last week. Some of you may know this young woman (on the right with long blond hair)...........

Her name is Abi and I met her when we all took Shimelle's Blogging course. Alot of us became blogfriends and now real friends as I had the lovely opportunity to meet Abi and lots of other wonderful women at 2 blog events. The third is happening this September.

Abi was only 16, if I remember rightly, and was therefore still in school and working hard towards exams, being away from home (she was a boarder) and generally coping with everything life throws at you when you're that age. Well, move on a couple of years and she gained herself an auspicious place at Durham University studying for her degree and this past few months she's been finishing her dissertation and taking her exams.

Picture owned by Abi

Not only that, she has continued to craft, sew, knit and blog right the way through. Phew she's determined. To cap it all..........................

Last week she passed that degree with, wait for it, a FIRST!

Yep, that incredible young woman, for that is what she is, has gone and surpassed herself and got a top notch First class degree the clever thing. I am so proud and pleased for her you wouldn't believe it.

Secondly, she graduated the other day.........

Picture owned by Abi

So congratulations Abi, a First and graduation. My Two on Tuesday is complete.

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  1. You are bringing tears to my eyes...doesn't she look beautiful?

    ..but where has the time gone?!


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