Tuesday 16 June 2015

Two on Tuesday x

It's Two on Tuesday time today and this week we're going all woolly!

Firstly, I found this brilliant post on Craft Blog...........Grow. After reading all of Sian's posts on sock knitting and loving my crocheting times, a bit of lovely wool will go down a treat this week. I mean did you know that camel's produced wool? Me neither!!!

Secondly, I was signposted to Tork Alpaca Shop via my friend Emma of  Lemonade Yarns. I adore alpacas. Don't ask me why, but I do. Look at those faces. What's not to love?


Plus they have a strong ethical policy

"From the offset TOFT has been dedicated to British eco-conscious processing. All of our handknitted yarns for retail are spun in the UK. Eco-yarns and locally sourced knitting projects are proving extremely popular, with large brands now releasing their own 'green knitting' collections. At TOFT we do not carry one environmentally conscious yarn line, rather ALL of our yarn and products are ecologically and ethically sound."

The shop is full of beautiful wool and beautiful patterns. I am loving this lovely reindeer for Christmas, maybe in Scandi colours.......

or perhaps you'd prefer this beautiful Clemetis beret design to knit..............

or maybe even some super socks for Sian..................

Whatever you choose it would be lovely. Plus they have a fabulous Open day on August 1st, anyone want to go with me?

Did I mention I love alpacas?

Insert Alpaca instead of unicorn and you get the picture.

See you soon.


  1. Ooh, yes! Those socks look lovely. I think I might be a little bit frightened of alpacas, though I'm thinking this "total immersion" post has helped me get over that!

  2. Oh my goodness, that little reindeer is so appealing! We got to see some alpacas recently up close and I loved them too. Thank-you for all these interesting links.


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