Monday 27 July 2015

Me on Monday x

It was very much a garden weekend. Firstly I spent a lot of time sitting in it on Saturday as the weather was beautiful. I read my latest book on my Summer Bingo reading pile and relaxed whilst smelling the scent of the roses, listening to the birds and the bees and the sun shone.

 It was also a wash your hair, put lots of conditioner in and plait it neatly and gosh hasn't it got long kind of day. It doesn't look like it but when it's wet my hair nearly reaches my waist now.

Sadly on Sunday it rained all day so I spent my day doing other things like repotting Peace Lily plants which had certainly outgrown their pots and needed the next size up.

I took some lavender cuttings and planted those up as per Monty Don's instructions on Fridays Gardener's World programme.

It was also a day for realising that some people in this house are gestating babies. Yes, the spider plant which I bought 3 months ago now as a wee plant has had to be repotted twice and is now having twins. This is just one of them. I do like a happy ending, don't you?

And furthermore, it was a day for planning big birthday fun in December because I am 50!!!!!!!! The sister had a fab idea the other week which I will share nearer the time. But suffice to say, the family will be enjoying the sea air at Christmas this year.

I also sat and caught up on blog reading and watched a little Sherlock.

All in all it was a weekend of change and growth.

How was yours?


  1. A weekend of change and growth sounds glorious - love the gestating babies :). I'm nursing along a couple of spider plants to but no sign of any impending pregnancies yet, alas. What a wonderful head of hair you have!

  2. We have a spider plant here which must be a Great Great Granny by now..we've had it since we were students, so watch out! You're in it for life!

    Very excited to hear about your birthday plans..


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