Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Two on Tuesday x

Hello and welcome to another week of Two on Tuesday. Sorry about last week, it quite got away from me.

Anyway, I know alot of us on here love Etsy and I wanted share a couple of lovely sites which I've bought items from recently.

The first is Ceridwen Hazelchild Design

"At Ceridwen Hazelchild Design we believe that by expressing creativity and encouraging eco-friendly behaviour, we can make our world more beautiful"

She has an interest in rural Britain and also in the folk tales surrounding this country, as well as looking to the central importance of caring for our planet.  Ceridwen has a degree in Contemporary Fine Art and uses her hand drawn illustrations to produce beautiful individual pieces of work including tote bags, handmade accessories and gifts.

I was looking to purchase some new tote bags and after looking through the shop, I decided on these two, aren't they beautiful?

Both images from Ceridwen Hazelchild Design's Esty shop site

Each bag is fair trade and is made from 100% natural 5oz cotton. They are both beautifully made and hold lots of bits and pieces. There are so many lovely designs including foxes, bees, mushrooms and all sorts of other wonderful images. Even better she is based fairly locally to me as well so I'm supporting a local artisan.

My second lovely shop is Lizzie May Design. Lizzie says about herself the following.............

Hi, I’m Lizzie-May, an illustrator based in sunny Cornwall! My sketchbook and camera follow me around, here and there, as I wander and admire pretty flowers in hedgerows, our four-legged furry friends, and snippets of lovely scenic views. Cornwall has its perks, as does home sweet home - the place where my illustrations really come together, and where the patterns begin to emerge …

I loved all her beautiful designs but just one jumped out and say Buy Me!! 

It is a notebook with illustrations inspired by my favourite place Lyme Regis. How could I say no? It is a lovely notebook and I'm going to use it for writing memories and trips there because it is just such a very special place to me. In the illustration you can see the lamps which are designed to replicate the ammonite fossils so frequently found in the Jurassic coastline around Lyme.

What have you been purchasing recently? Anything I might love too?

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  1. Thank-you for the links to both of these wonderful artists and designers - I've bookmarked both!


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