Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Busy little elf..............

...........Today has felt extremely busy and very creative. So far I have printed out all the pages and accessories to make a diary for my sister. I bought the template from Creativity Prompts where Avital makes the most amazing books and has inspirational prompts etc. I made the diary from mount board for the covers and then different coloured card and papers to decorate. Each month has a main front sheet calendar and then a page for each week so hopefully it'll give her enough room to write in all her social engagements. I have also been making some notelets and envelopes from a Joanna Sheen CD of The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady. I loved her watercolours when I was a little girl and the CD has all the bits you need. You just print, cut and stick it all together.
I have also been printing out my Dad's calendar which is meant to be CD size but has printed out nearly A4. Not quite sure what I did wrong but never mind, it'll just be abit different. I have now got all the ingrediants to make my fudge and chocolate truffles for my family for Christmas. I have tried one batch the other day but the mixture was very, very grainy. So I have checked out videos on the web and found Phil Vickery demonstrating exactly how to make the fudge with step-by-step visuals. Just my cup of tea.

Now several of us have been discussing fave books and now we have reached TV programmes. I loved all the things like Bagpuss, The Clangers, Trumpton etc and this evening there is a programme on BBC4 all about Oliver Postgate, the man who brought most of them to life. So without further ado................

Bagpuss, bagpuss oh fat furry catpuss,
wake up and look at this thing that I bring,
Wake up be bright be golden and light, Bagpuss oh hear what I sing.

See you all tomorrow,
Jo xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. You've been really busy today....isn't it great when you get so much done....you must post the diary...it sounds fab.
    Bagpuss.....my eldest DD's favourite when little......along with Tigger....in fact she still has her Bagpuss.

  2. just finished watching the prog, it was really interesting to see Oliver Postgate and hear how all the stories came about.
    Jo xxx

  3. You've had a fun day Jo - hope the fudge works out!

  4. yes, not too sure, this batch didn't go thick and my hands and arm were killing me so i put it in the tray and will see what appears tomorrow morning. could be toffee, or could just be 1 sticky old mess.
    Jo xxx

  5. You are on a creative roll! Was it my recipe that was grainy? It's supposed to turn out like what the Scots call "tablet"..sort of crystally inside and not soft. DD is delighted you liked her wrapping! xx

  6. Busy little elf is about right! Calendars, diaries, fudge and truffles... oooh!

    I love Bagpuss - and I forgot about the Oliver Postgate programme... boo!

    You know, I had a commission for a diary. I spent ages working out the page layout and printing it all carefully onto A5 pages, ready to fold into signatures (sections) and bind it. I wish I had known there was a person who already had it all worked out... must go and take a look. Never mind though, the diary came out great and the customer says she loves it!

    Hope the fudge has behaved at last.


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