Monday 21 December 2009

Monday morning

Morning all and what a day so far. We have upset the Pretty baqby girl today by brushing her Persian coat free of knots..............I'm not kidding it was bad. Plus the estate agents have confirmed officially the removal of my notice to quit the flat...................hurray for that. Now I can unpack again!!
There is still snow............view from my window in daylight

magic paw prints...........

and my CPN has been over for a pre-Xmas check-up. Luckily he will be on duty when Dr Who is on so I can phone for psychiatric support should it be needed and I am sure it will.


  1. Love the snowy-view photo, Jo. The cute footprints too.

    Glad you have had your confirmation from the Agent - it just ties it all up, doesn't it. It's pretty bad that they even thought of issuing the notice to quit in the first place, but then, that's life. Still, it's all come out ok in the end.

    I think you should hold a "Dr Who watching party". Then you'll have all the support you need, right beside you! Get them to bring snacks and a bottle or two... You can provide hot drinks and cushions to hide behind!

  2. I really like that snowy-view as well Jo .... must be cold for the kitty-cats!

  3. oooh luv the idea of the party but it could be a party of 1. my sister is recording it to watch with her other half post xmas, my mum won't want to watch it and my dad will probably be watching a john wayne movie or the laurel and hardy film i've bought him for xmas.............he's that kind of guy!!!!!
    jo xxx
    ps, i'm thinking of knitting kitty mittens for chilly paws.

  4. Hooray for the good news, great Christmas present for you :-) Like the snowy pic - we're knee-deep in hail today!!

  5. awww! So so glad that the flat situation has sorted itself out. just in time for christmas! Yeah our snow is still there! 4 and a half inches of it! crazy! But so much fun! Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Yeah the boy is so lovely but thankfully calm and quiet unlike me! ha ha! U really shud do a year in review, it's great fun! But as u say too many piccs to choose from! xxxx


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