Sunday 20 December 2009

Let it snow..............

Some of you have asked for pictures of the snow so before it all melts away here are some views from my window this evening.

This is a view looking up to the old chapel


  1. Magical Jo!
    We've just had waterpistol fights on a balmy evening - could it be more different?
    I hope it doesn't become a big gray slushy mess!

  2. Our snow has all gone :( I've been thinking about jackanory again..did you love Arabel and the Raven as much as I did? Or Charlotte Sometimes? Or Bernard Cribbens doing Little Nose?...

  3. i did, in fact i loved all the stories from jackanory. was the raven the one which said ''never more''. maybe we should bloghop a fave tv prog from childhood. mine would be bagpuss!!!!!

  4. Yes, that's the one! Ooh, I loved the anarchy. That raven was one bad bird. I think a tv programme hop is a great idea for after Christmas

  5. Great pics - love the falling snow :-)

    Charlotte Sometimes!! How I loved that book - still have it somewhere :-)

  6. Isn't it amazing that we all loved the same books as children? And a couple of months ago we had no idea?

  7. what's sad is that i'm watching cbeebies storytime this week just hear the dulcet tones of mr tennant,swoon...........
    jo xxx


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