Thursday 28 January 2010

Blog Award.

.............not only are the Golden Globes and BAFTA's handing out awards but so is Sian, she has given me this lovely award...... now apparently not everyone likes blog awards..........well I'm not one of them!!!!!

So I have to tell you 10 things that make me happy:

1. Family............through everything they are always there for me, even if they say things I don't like! However I am grateful for all the daft, fun and serious stuff that we deal with. We are close not just in distanc ebut emotionally as well which is always a great thing in my book.

2. My friends...........I am lucky to have a very closeknit and wonderful group of friends. I love them all for varying reasons and I feel I have chosen, or been gifted them, for specific reasons. There are too many to tell you about in one post but I'll tell you about Kathy who I did a LO about last week in the 50th nday candles hat. I have known for about 7 byears through the church I went to in Southampton. She is married to a BIG Northern bloke and has 3 BIG sons. Now she has supported me and taken me into her family over that time and gradually she has become one of my greatest friends. She is a wonderful wife, mum and friend. An amazing Christian. The past month she has had to deal with her two eledest sons leaving home, one to join the Royal Marines and one to go as a missionary to Namibia. She has dealt with it amazingly and still finds time in her working life as well to minister to the needs of troubled children. She is truly wonderful and I so happy she is my friend. She says I make her girly in a male household and she made em watch Australia when I didn't want to!!!!!

3. I love these boys........

they are my friend's Max and Teresa's sons. When I first became ill it was T I went to, David the eldest was only 18 months old then. They have grown up with Aunty Jo being abit nutty on occassion and are used to my depression and mummy coming to the rescue. But they love me, and I mean LOVE me. They accept me for who I am and I enternally gratful and happy about that. There 5 other little people, well 3 are big. Little E and Little M, and Ben, Josh and Sam (Kathy's adolescent boys). They are all special and make me happy in so many ways.

4. Living here in Somerset. I love the flat and it's environment and the stability it has given me.

5. My blog, cos I can talk about a load of old rubbish sometimes and other bloggers find it interesting.

6. Crafting of all kinds. Scrapbooking firstly because I do it the most but also art journalling which I have just started, knitting, crochet etc.

7. CHOCOLATE..............need I say more.

8. A great book

9. Feeling well.

10. Being a Christian as it brings meaning to a very disordered life. I have been a Christian all my life but kind of strayed off the path for several years. However I came back when I first became ill due in no small part to Teresa and Max. I did the Alpha course and was baptised. It has led me to great friendships, brought me a new family and helped me to make sense of the world when all else fails. I am not a perfect Christian but I am trying.

Now in other news, I have got my letter to say the housing benefit will be paid...............yay!!!! :)). I have also had confirmation that the pet insurance will be paid. And I am going to the Job centre tomorrow to start claiming Job Seekers rather than Work support as I feel better. So that also makes me feel happy.

So I have got to give the award to 5 people so I choose:
Clair................cos I love her fashion sense and style, and her scrapping is awesome too,
Lizzie..........cos she's awaesome at so many things,
Abi..............cos she is amazingly telented for one so young,
Lupin ..............cos she makes the most incredible objects out of felt,
Lolly................cos she also makes amazing craty things and g8 tutorials


  1. THANK YOU JO!!!!! your so lovely! will blog my 10 happy thngs when work allows!!! xxx

  2. Love your 10 things, cheers you up once you start listing them, doesn't it.
    And thanks for introducing me to the gorgeous felt creations on Lupin's blog.

  3. Well, thank you Jo! I rather like being told I'm "Awesome"! Not sure if I've ever been told that before... blush...
    I like your list of 10. Now do I have to find 10 things too? Hmmmm... thinking... oh, dear..
    Back later! (Much later probably).

  4. Well done, babe :-) I was going to pass it on to you too but Sian got there first! So consider yourself doubly nominated ;-)

    And great news about the housing benefit and pet insurance xx

  5. Thank you so much for thinking of me Jo - and for such kind words. You're a star x

    PS Glad you're feeling better x

  6. Thank you sooooo much for the sweet award!

    Big bear hugs to you and your beautiful family!


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