Saturday 30 January 2010

Just a quickie............

...............cos I have been at my local crop today and I am quite tired. Also cos I seem to be getting a sore throat and temperature...yucky!

Anyway, progress on the retreat! So far there appear to be 4 of us interested. I haven't thought of dates because I have no family or school things to arrange so from that point of view I'm fairly flexible. Sian sounds keen and would need to book a flight in advance obviously so the more notice the better for her I think. So this is my email: to discuss rather than trying to talk on the blog as I think it would make life easier for all.

Secondly, for the book club idea..............I thought I book we loved as a child and a book we want to read now. I have got a copy of ''Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nihm'' for my childhood choice and ''The Little Stranger'' for today. This is a part of the book club on Channel Four if you want ideas or more information on the book. There seem to be 4 of us who would like to join in for that so again email me as above.

Will share my LOs and some other bits hopefully tomorrow once the drugs have set in. Anyway, thanx for reading and if you want to see something pretty go here for Rachel's new blog LO and give her a cheer for fruity goodness. Five a day!!! She does amazing scrapbooking and has been knitting her little socks off................well not socks so much as boleros, hats, mittens, baby blankets and clothes.

Jo xxx


  1. Would have loved to come on the retreat....but too far for me, I'm afraid.

  2. Poor you - I think I'm getting a cold too... Don't think you caught anything from me though, my anti-virus is all up to date! ;-)

    Your projects sound great and I shall follow their progress with interest x

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, That helps to know that those hormones are a good sign!

  4. There are a lot of viruses about at the moment so I hope those drugs kick in soon. I read the Little Stranger over the summer, so I'll be very interested to hear what you think about it. Look after yourself!

  5. Oh Jo, I've just got over a lurgy - yuk, I can empathise for sure. I had to read Mel's comment twice - what a cracker! About the anti-virus that is.
    I'd love to come to the retreat but I think I'm just a bit too far away :-(

  6. Have e-mailed you. Finally. I hope you're feeling better x


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