Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Catch up

So last weekend, at a minutes notice cos I wasn't originally going, I went here.........Seaford in East Sussex to a 90th birthday party for my mum's Aunt Whyla. Off we went in my dad's new car.....very nice..........for the 4 hour journey from here. It was fun because we used to live in West Sussex and the car could have driven itself really. We drove through the places we'd visit as a family 26 years ago, went past my old school, drove up to our old house etc. It was a rather nostalgic trip. What was also amazing was the amount of snow left on the ground in places!!!!

So this picture was taken on Saturday when my mum and dad and I went sightseeing, well shopping and then a quick look at the beach! We were staying with a lovely couple called Wendy and Peter who looked after us so well. We had cooked breakfast every morning and as much tea and coffee as we wanted. So we were very happy campers.

Now the party was posh, and when I say posh I mean with a capital POSH!!!!!!! My godmother Felicity is Whyla's eldest daughter, so as you can imagine posh and dramatic come to mind. We were all invited to a party at Glynebourne, which if you have never heard of it is the largest festival of opera in this country and in the summer hosts a huge event of opera with international stars. It is indeed POSH. We all had to dress up very smarty, here are my parents, Gary and Liz, in their best bib and tucker.......

Don't they look amazing. My mum always has the most incredible outfits which appear from the depths of her many wardrobes, family joke, and she always looks incredible. She's 70 this year so watch this space.
We were all taken to the party in a coach which meant no-one had to drive and were greeted with Kir Royale.......champers and ribena or something!!!!! Very lovely it was too and a beautiful 3 course meal. Now being a family of singers and actors The Lott/Woolf/Phelan clan put on a show. Felicity being one of the stars.

Oh here is the birthday girl...........doesn't look her age at all does she?

Ok so here is Felicity giving her speech and if the magic of my camera and computer work there will be a short video to come up in a mo of her singing part of a song !!!!!!! It starts off sideways and then moves around abit until settling. Hope u likey!!!

Join me later for a post about the Youth Hostel Association!!!!


  1. Jo, I enjoyed that so much that I'm going to play it again! She's wonderful. It certainly was a very posh party..your parents looked very smart indeed. What about you? Bet you brushed up well too!

  2. Yes Jo.....where's the photo of you in your posh frock!! Looks like a wonderful evening.

  3. i am only in one and it's not the best. might put it up later.
    Jo xxxx

  4. Will have to watch the vid later when the rest of the family isn't trying to watch TV! The birthday girl looks stunning - as do your parents and godmother x

  5. Fabby! Hope you had a great time too, Jo! Would like to see you all poshed up!


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