Wednesday 27 January 2010

Scrapblogger retreat!!?

...........couldn't think of a better title for it I'm afraid. So who fancies going here for a weekend of meeting blogger friends and scrapbooking? It's in Ironbridge, Shropshire.


  1. Oh, love Ironbridge :-) I would SO love to go on a retreat, but finances and family tend not to permit :-(

  2. More info, Jo, please? When, how much, etc etc... ?

  3. have thought about the family side..........tesco clubcard vouchers. You can pay for the hostel with them and it's about £20.00 per night for an adult. If we stay friday and saturday, that's 2 nights. If we cook together than saves us some money as well. All we would need would be petrol and we could share!!

  4. Sounds okay... When were you thinking of? We'd need to book soon really, if several of us want beds. And we'd need to book husbands/grandparents/friends to baby/dog/cat-sit for us too!
    So this is the Ironbridge Youth Hostel? We stayed at Wells Next the Sea hostel last summer and the one before. It's very nice. I did a bit of scrapping while I was there last time.
    Last summer we also stayed at the hostel in Edale for a few days. That was good too (and I took my scrap kit there too!).

  5. if we used tesco clubcard vouchers, you get £40.00 worth to spend if you use £10.00 voucher so that would pay for 2 nights. cool!!!
    Jo xxx

  6. It does look lovely. What kind of dates were you thinking of?


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