Tuesday 5 January 2010


So today we are celebrating our 100th blogpost. I have thought about doing something extra special but I am freezing cold as I've spent most of today stuck either in or waiting for a bus and IT IS SNOWING here. I left the flat in none and arrived in Wells in a minor blizzard. I decided to take some photos of the Bishop's Palace as it was shut so pure snow. The poor ducks looked freezing but it was like a wonderland. Only my feet got cold........brrrrrrr. Anyway I have found a fab £1.00 shop that sells long wooly socks so I can buy some to make my sock monkey!!!!!!1 All I need now is for Lizzie to post the sock bunny tutorial. By the way, the lovely Abi has done another tutorial today to make a fabric flower..........she's so clever and she's also done her homework which is alwaysd good. More scrapbooking time for her as a reward I'm sure.

Anyway I have bought a yummy cake and some candles so join me in raising a glass to 100 posts and alot more friends since I began in February of 2009. It is so lovely to read comments here and also read other friend's posts because I learn so much everyday. I am learning about new crafting techniques and I PROMISE there will be some more crafting going on over here soon.

Ok dim the lights and warm up those vocal cords to sing..................

..............Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear blogog, Happy birthday to you..........................
Now come forward and grab your cake and enjoy. Happy blogging.


  1. Congrats on the 100th blogpost.....and the cake is delicious....thanks very much....and as it is virtual....no pounds gained....perfect!!

  2. Happy Birthday to your blog!!!

  3. Congratulations Jo ..... 100 - I swear you don't look a day over 50 ;-)
    I'll raise a glass tonight - it's only a quarter to eight in the morning .... would make for a very long day if I start now!

  4. Thanks for the cake! Congratulations on the special occasion.
    I promise to try and do another sock-pet tutorial soon. Was going to do a cat... maybe I can do a cat and a rabbit both together - most of the techniques are exactly the same, it's just the ears and paws that are slightly different. I'll work on that.
    I hoped to have a small pres. for you tonight, as I was in TKMaxx for first time in weeks. But they had no more Spode mugs! If you get your pennies sorted before mid-Jan. I can give you the details of that special magazine offer on 2 mugs (about £6 or so plus a couple quid postage for a pair of the Christmas mugs - bargain!)
    Anyway, Happy Birthday Jo's Blog! Hope I'll be invited to the 150th Party too!

  5. Well, congratulations! That cake was delicious. Please keep on blogging dear Jo.x

  6. Congratulations!! How exciting :-) Here's to the next 100! x


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