Monday 4 January 2010

no 7 no 7 confirmed through a readit swap it book as ''zen and the art of motorcycling!''


  1. Well, at least you will have variety - I've read this one ... ages ago though :-)

  2. Jo, I can't believe how far behind I've gotten with your blog!! I'm so sorry! But I've had lots of fun catching up :-)

    Yes, David Tennant's send off was AMAZING - so lovely that he had time to say goodbye to everyone, and that the writers did too - I cried. Quite a lot.

    The book thing sounds fab, I shall look into it! I read a lot as it is, so I ought to be able to manage such a challenge! I've read the Narnia series several times over, and Great Expectations I studied at school; Anne Frank is a very moving read (another old favourite, must have read it 4 times, it never fails to make me cry); Mere Christianity is fab and challenging - have you read CS Lewis' The Screwtape Letters? If not, I strongly recommend it! I haven't read the others on your list so will be interested to hear whether you recommend them :-)

    Oh, and Happy New Year! All the best for 2010 xx

  3. Jo, thank you thanky you thank you, for the link to shabby blogs. I spent a happy 2 hours ish! (eek!) browsing through the beautiful things! Lol! I LOVE the idea of the book thing and like all your chosen books. Anne Frank is one of my fav's and I love the narnia books. Agree with Amy, you should really read the screwtape letters cos that is amazing. I haven't read mere christianity but have heard a lot about it! I would also reccomend, two books I have been studying The Road by Cormac Mccarthy is harrowing and gripping, don't read it late at night but honestly it will have u in tears because of how beautifully it is written. I have also just finished The Outisder by Albert Camus. It is a very strange book but quite short so not too hard to read! Oh n btw, I love the hummingbird cookery book. My mum got it in october and the cakes are just lush! Anyway thanks for sharing, love reading your blog and what u get up to! xxxxxx

  4. I remember "Zen...". Have fun reading it! I also liked Anne Frank and the Narnia books are still in my book case. We had the Screwtape Letters read to us at school, by a great teacher with a sense of humour (so rare in my school!)
    I've just read two cat books that I had for Christmas - not quite up to the serious and world-changing standards of the rest, but they were both good. "Paw Tracks in the Moonlight" by Denis O'Connor and "The Cat that came in from the Cold" by Deric Longden. Both great - the first is the story of Denis O'Connor's first cat and how he came to get him etc. The story is lovely, but the end made me cry. The second is also about Deric Longden's first cat and is very funny. I've read several Deric Longden books - he's a great writer. Lovely light-hearted reading for the Christms holidays!


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