Saturday 13 February 2010

A LARGER wordle

Just the wordle for today as I have been tidying up. I love the colours on this one and the way the flu is in the 'OH'' oh flu! There are also loads of ''xxxxx'' and as it's Valentines weekend I can send myself and you kisses. I also like the programme titles being dotted about and if you look carefully, Banana Split has been ''split up'', neat. Also how love and violence are close together because I suppose they could be. I also love how my name is large at the bottom and hope is next to it.

If you're wondering how I at last got it bigger, well you have to do a screen capture and then edit it in Photoshop, so fiddly but at least we can at last read it properly without the use of aids we are far too young for !!!!


  1. This is great! A nice Big Wordle at last.. now I can read it lol!
    Have a good weekend. So glad you are now "in recovery" from that awful flu. Hope you're soon back to full fitness and ready to tackle the necessary tasks with a fresh view and renewed enthusiasm.. well, some interest that you'd have lost during the flu anyway!

  2. Great Wordle, and so pleased you found a way to make it bigger :-)

    I like the sequence: Flu? Oh Jo! ;-) And - but I could go on and on, you know me and Wordles... xx

  3. Love the Childrens TV words popping up....Playschool,Bagpuss,Woodentops.

  4. Brilliant wordle. I just love these. I like the way "remember" is quite big too


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