Tuesday, 2 February 2010


..............just in case nothing else happens today, cos I am feeling worse today, here's something I made earlier.


  1. So sorry you're still poorly xx

    (Love the Wordle though!)

  2. Oh no. I hope it doesn't last too much longer. If I was closer I would certainly bring crumble..and lemsip. I love the wordle.

  3. Sorry you are feeling rotten again. It does go like that sometimes when you're ill - a bad day, followed by a good one, then another bad one. I hope you soon pick up for good. Sending cyber-hot-water-bottle, cyber-hot-squash and cyber-hugs your way.

    The wordle is fun.. I love the way that Jo and January are positioned and how they are both big and important looking.

  4. oh yes, I am soooooo important. After this morning's vomitfest, truly yuckyyy, I am now recovering in bed after 3 hours sleep! I still have a headache and about to consider getting up and making myself a drink of Bovril!!!!
    Jo xxxx
    PS Not even my personal furry hotwater bottle AKA Willow will come near me and Holly is converlescing herself at my parents.

  5. Jo! You are not well at all - do you need a doctor? Please look after yourself :-)Take carex

  6. How are you, hun? Thinking of you xx


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