Monday, 1 February 2010

WELLNESS. is interesting that I should find Ali Edward's new blogpost today where she is discussing plans for what to do in February which will inspire you regarding your word of the year which if you remember was ''Wellness''...................the reason being that I am definately not well. To put it into perspective, I am ALOT better than yesterday when I festered in my bed feeling like death, I even phoned the out of hours doctors service which for a nurse is a definate no-no unless someone is dying!!!!!! I thought I was, my heart was pounding, my temperature was rock bottom but I was having rigours, the shakes and could not get warm. I was fully clothed with extra jumpers on plus lying under a thick duvet, thick blanket and eiderdown thing and still felt freezing. The doctor did ring me back, not visit, and said there is a dreadful virus doing the rounds. I still have the throat from hell and Dalek Kahn is living in my larynx but at least I feel well enough to get up today and do something.

Anyway, thankfully, I can speak across the blogworld to all my friend without, a, loosing my voice and b. and much worse giving you all this horrible virus.
So Ali has posted today about 3 things:
  1. Create
  2. Learn
  3. Write.

So these are my 3 ideas to follow on from what she has discussed:
1. She suggested taking photographs and creating something individual around your word for the year. She also gave a link to this really clever site called Spell with Flickr. You type in your word and up pops your word in image form like below..............

KMcElman_090516_W1 letter E L letter L letter N E S S then get an html code to pop into your blog and hey presto. I didn't like the initial version and have only kept the owl in ''L'' but all you do is keep clicking on the the letter until an image pleases you and the overall design seems appropriate. I love the embroidered ''L'' as I do cross stitch and the sculpted ''e'' on the pencil. The carved ''N'' is also very me as it is to do with trees and I love trees, plus they give homes to owls so doubly special. The ''e'' is a little dubious but I like the leaf background and I think the overall appearance is beautiful.

2. For learn Ali suggests finding a library book or online book etc. which helps you explore your word so will have to do abit of research for that one I think.
3. Is to write something.................done


  1. That sounds like a very nasty virus indeed. I hope you'll be feeling a lot better soon :) At least we can chat without fear of contagion lol. I think your word looks beautiful, the cross stitch letter is my favourite

  2. You do sound poorly,Jo....hope your recovery conttinues speedily.
    I also love the L....and will look at that site.

  3. Oh, sweetie - sorry to hear that you've been so poorly, glad you're a bit better today and hope that improvement continues xx

  4. Poor Jo! I do hope you'll feel much better by tomorrow! Do take care and stay warm (if you can!).
    I think you did very well to produce that Flikr spelling thing. It's quite nice too!
    Get well soon. Sending Cyber-hugs! xx

  5. Spell Flickr is super cool!
    Get well soon - you sound terrible ... keep those fluids up, I'm sure you don't need reminding!

  6. thanx for all the kind wishes, loves,
    Jo xxx


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