Saturday, 13 March 2010

Busy!!!! at last this week I had 4 days of work at a local college teaching Childcare and Education. I had 3 different groups who were mainly doing assignment support so alot of my work was around supporting them to get the correct information into the essays and answering questions. A few students had finished so then it was a case of finding them something new and challenging to do. It was interesting to be back in the work environment and use my brain again but very tiring. I felt wacked out yesterday but feeling more myself today. I really enjoyed being out and socialising with people and learning new skills, I always find I learn something new whatever I am doing. I got home on Thursday evening and there is a possibility of them extending my contract I think the week after next as this week they have OFSTED.
So I have been reading all ur blogs and trying to comment but please forgive me for not being as fullon as usual. I have started reading all Shimelle's new class pages and seen alot of beautiful work over on the forum, I loved Humel's princess page today. It is stunning. I haven't begun doing actual opages myself as I have been making my mum's Mother's present which is page for her scrapbook. I have some gorgeous old photos of her and wanted to do a page which was not too OTT but said abit about her. She trained as a seamstress and made her own wedding dress. If you ask her what she was doing when JFK died she was cutting out the pieces. It's a beautiful piece of workmanship. We used to get it out when we were little. She handcovered loads of buttons and made all the button loops. When we were little, she made all our clothes and as we got older and moved away curtains, blinds and cushion covers. She even made me a shot green taffetta ballgown when I was at nursing school which was all boned. It was gorgeous.
So here is the page..................

I used a new sheet of Basic Grey paper because it had the seamstresses dummy on it but a pretty one. I picked out alot of blue form the pictures because of the sky and the blue dress and she is wearing a blue cameo in the bottom pic.

I had some lace and a ribbon with inches marked so that was sewing related as is the sewing machine chipboard sticker I found in my stash. I used blue pearls and a couple of blue brads to attached the journalling paper. The stitched roses match the roses in the garden.
Here is a closup of the corner................

This is the journalling, I wanted it to tell a story but ask some questions.

Here is the card I also made using stamps and colouring pens.................

Anyway to all my blog friends who are mums hope u have a fabulous day tomorrow, can't wait to hear about the plans ur children have for u. Me, I am going to my lil sis for roast and mum and dad are coming too. Should be lovely.


  1. The page is beautiful,Jo...the vintage feel is perfect....she'll love it.
    Glad you enjoyed your week.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful page, Jo. I think she'll love tells such a lovely story and the page itself has so much to enjoy. It's great to hear that you enjoyed your week. Have a good Sunday roast!

  3. Love it Jo, and amazing story behind it :-) And thanks for your kind words about my layout! It'll be on my blog tomorrow afternoon x


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