Saturday, 13 March 2010

Shimelle's class is my first LO for Shimelle's new class. This lesson is about using your old stash, well in my case it is. So it is all things metal! I found an old box full of stuff I have never used made of metal and I always have loads of brads and eyelets so this is very heavy on those things,.......and is heavy to carry too. Shimelle showed a LO using brads as a frame and as this main pic is awful, well the bathroom was awful, NHS accommodation never live there!, I used a load of old brads to cover it up and make it look abit prettier. Here is a closer look..............

I found these in my bling box and have used about a htird of them, so not bad. I really enjoyed trying to mix and match them all. I love this pic. They took it while I was getting out of a cold bath. Why they all decided to throw me in I cant remember but it was a drunken night so that says alot!!!!

This shot shows the smaller pictures I put into little metal frames I had which had paper or vellum in. I cut out the paper/vellum with my craft knife and then stuck the frames over the pictures and cut around them when they had dried. These pictures were taken 19 years ago so are pretty awful really but funny. I had really long hair then didnt I?
This is me with the 2 girls I was most friendly with. Sarah, the blondy, is still one of my best friends and remains a midwife. She is the lady in the wedding pics and has the gorgeous children Emma and Matthew I have scrapbooked before.

Here is the journalling I did to explain the pictures. I used some eyelets up by adding them to the corners of the LO. I quite like the effects. To finish I found some metal letters and attached those using coloured brads.


  1. I really like the idea of framing a pic with going to have a go at that.The LO is great....memories eh!!

  2. Lovely, Jo - looks like you've used up a lot of metal there too! Clever idea to cover up the mould in the photo.... ;-)

  3. It looks as if you had a load of fun - that evening and when you made the layout! (it wasn't 19 years ago though, was it? wasn't it 9 years, if it was 1991?)
    You did have veeery loooong hair! Amazing!

  4. I Love how you have done the frame

  5. Well done Jo you have used up a lot of supplies on this page .... what a fun evening to have a record of!

  6. I think you've used more brads on this one page than I'e owned in my entire scrapbooking history! :)

    PS. Haven't forgotten about your CV. Been busy this week and fighting a cold. Bleh! Hope to be able to sit down with it next week x

  7. I started my midwifery training in 1991! During my nurse training I had really big 80's hair must try adn find some of those pics and scrap them would be soooo funny! Great memories.........

  8. me again to answer yr question I trained at St Marys in London. But been working as a nurse for most of the time since then tho' did do a return to practice course several years ago but it has lapsed again! Are u still nursing?


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