Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Help!!!! today has been interesting jobwise. I had an email late last night about a job temporarily teaching in a local college for a few weeks so I'm waiting to hear whether anything comes of that as they need someone ASAP for 2-3 weeks M-T. I also had another phone call from another teaching supply agency who are looking for a similar applicant for another local college. So a couple of calls based primarily on my CV. Now I have very sensibly accepted Clair's help and emails have been flitting across cyberspace. The only problem for her that most of the jobs I apply for you have to fill out an online application form they dont accept a CV. However a g8 CV would help with getting the phonecalls I have already received.
I also found out I can apply for Travel to interview help and as my interview on Friday is the other side of Bristol and about 37 miles of motorway cross city driving it would be really helpful.
Tomorrow I am having my haircut. Now I may need prayers for that on top of all the others just because I am VERY picky about hairdressers. My mummy is paying for it cos she says I need to get my hair reshaped. Now I'm not picky for anything else but I LOVE my hair. It's naturally curly, corkscrew curls I mean not just wavey or abit curly but bouncy, springs up inches when dry curly!!!!!!! So I'm sure you can imagine I want it done properly not by someone who doesn't know how curly hair works. So lets hope she's not the kind who runs her fingers through it once it's dry and makes it go frizzy or cuts the curl out.................I've had all those. I have to be honest a wet cut suits me and then I can do the drying and titivating myself, but mummy want it done properly so watch this space.
Don't forget the giveaway on my previous posty is going and I will keep it open until next Tuesday so keep commenting. The more comments, the more chances to win!


  1. Good luck with all that hun, glad there are a couple of things in the pipeline at least! And glad also that you can avail yourself of the lovely Clair's help and expertise :-)

  2. This all sounds like fantastic news, I'm so glad things are looking up :) I can't wait to hear what happens next.

    I'm very envious of your gorgeous naturally curly hair! I've always wanted hair like that..hope the hairdresser works out x

  3. Sounds as if things are starting to happen.....great news,Jo.
    And be assertive with the hairdresser!!!!

  4. It sounds exciting Jo! Best of luck with that interview in Bristol. x

    I have curly hair - not quite corkscrew - more ringlets, but it still needs careful cutting. Like you, I have had some disastrous cuts. It grows in a particular way and has to be cut to allow for that, as well as the curl. I've had cuts that left it standing on end, sticking up at angles, or where it's ended up a frizzy mess. I find it's worth paying the extra five or ten pounds for the senior stylists in a good salon - juniors generally haven't got the experience to cope and I don't think they teach them about hair like ours in college! Besides, if the seniors mess it up, they will go the extra mile to put it right - the salon has a reputation to keep! I hope your haircut goes brilliant - a good cut can do wonders for your self-confidence!

  5. I have short, extremely thick hair with cowlicks. It gets out of control very easily and if I grow it it is like a thick woolly mane - hence the short hair! I have a lot of trouble getting the right cut - some go too short and I look like a bloke, others give me a triangle head and some seem to frizz it ... good luck, I understand your pain ;-)

  6. Too funny, I have curly hair too and I usually have a wet cut and then go home and sort it out myself! LOL


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