Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring clean

.....................ok so over the past few days I have been trying to tidy up the flat, not an easy task for one so easily distract. Sometimes it's by the phone.............Yes I would love double glazing!, occasionally by the postman, and sometimes by the cats charging around like maniacs. Actually Willow distracts me alot cos her fur is in knots and today I had to pin her down and cut them out...............shorthaired Persian anyone?
As part of the spring clean, my dad got me some 12 x 12 clear boxes with lids to tidy my stash and I was going through it this afternoon thinking.............Gosh I have way too many duplicates/colours here. So I have a cunning paln to give it all away to one of my lovely readers.
Now nest problem is how people can enter to win, now Sian had Horsey to help her, some people use a random generator and I have 2 cats! Not so reliable I fear so I will draw a name out a hat I think. Pretty fair. So all you have to do is write a comment on anything you think might get me a job faster! All suggestions will be considered but I'm no good at pole dancing or anything riquee!
So here are some pics of the stash, it is all papers of different sorts. Most are double sided, there's some owls and a couple of lace cut out papers and circular papers. There is some Cosmo Cricket and Sassafras Lass too so it's not rubbish.

Now there is one particular piece of paper I found which I have kept aside for a particular blog friend called Rachel from Rewarding Memories cos she's a mad knitter and I thought she'd like it particularly, so if u do Rachel email me ur info etc and I'll send it to you....................


  1. Well, I'ma a sucker for aa giveaway - but I'm also an ex-employment adviser (I'm only out of work because I want a new line of work, so don't let that put you off!) So...if you'd like me to take a look at your CV and covering letter - then I will.

    Even if I don't win the patterned papers. I'm that kind of person x

  2. oh heck check you out, i need to have a spring clean to! I keep looking at more and more stash to buy and my husband so does not agree i need more, so if i tell him well it was a giveaway and was FREE i dont think he would mind teehee.

    Hmmmm about getting a job, i say tell them on your CV you will bring chocolate and sweets with you everyday to share and see what they say mwwaaahhhh i would give it a try anyway but them im crazy so there is your answer lol.

    Take care chick

    Much Love Katy xxxx

  3. Wish I could help, babe! All I can say is: be true to yourself, and trust that God has the right job for you and that it will be yours at the right time - but sometimes we can only see that with hindsight, sadly x

  4. You are way too organised girl!!!! I have only been in my house a year and it already needs a serios declutter. Those papers look lovely - are you sure you want to give them away????

  5. mmmmh, yummy papers, I echo the comment above, why wud u want to give them away??!!! Wud a love a chance to win them. Ok..I think u should apply for a nursing job at a boarding skl cos they always need people at the medical centre and u get to meet lots of lovely young people, (like me! LOL!)


  6. My advice ..... take up Clair on her offer - fantastic opportunity! hehehe, I could just see you at Abi's school - the two of you getting distracted by all sorts of crafty things .... secret meetings in the sick room ... cupboards of medical supplies filled with a new type of supply ;-) Just kidding of course, you would be the consumate professional at all times and any organisation would be lucky to have you work for them :-)

  7. Yes, I'm afraid my only advice is to take up Clair's offer ..it sounds like a great one. Those are gorgeous papers, are you sure you want to part with them? Sorry, I'm not trying to put you off spring cleaning. Honestly.

  8. Ha, haa... love Amy's comments about working at Abi's school.
    Of course, you could offer to teach patients craft stuff, as therapy - that would be a novelty and would make you more interesting than all the rest.
    I do agree with the others that you ought to accept Clair's offer - any support like that could help.
    I would love the papers... but I can't understand why you think you don't need them? I always need more paper... what would I do without boxes of paper to clutter up my workroom? Actually, I haven't got enough.... I want to make some more concertina books, but need to go shopping.. maybe I could win some instead!!
    I wish you luck with your job hunting. Got you on my prayers list! XX

  9. You should be saving the papers for Shimelle's class,Jo!!!!!.
    Clair's offer is great....and when filling in CV/application forms....where they ask [often] what skills you have/why you should get the job etc. remember to include all the skills you bring from being a homemaker/crafter etc....as well as the 'job' ones.

  10. I been thinking... you should save your paper stash and open a craft shop! You'd be good at that.. you could get some of us in to do "Guest Tutorials" for you and we could all have fun helping you to get going!
    The world definitely needs more craft shops!

  11. What a gorgeous bunch of papers - you are so good, I have trouble getting rid of anything!!
    Are there any vacancies for bank nurses in your area to tide you over?

  12. The closing date for a job I'm interested in is Monday so I'm planning last minute changes to my CV. I always leave out age these days but I don't know what a modern CV looks like. You're lucky to get Clair's advice and know how.


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