Sunday 14 March 2010

Mother's day

.............we have had a lovely day at my lil sis. She fed us 2, yes 2 roasts, a choice of chicken or pork!!!! We have also had our weeks supply of Government recommended fruit and veg! :-)
Mum was delighted with her scrapbook page. She told me she had actually wanted to be a nurse and work with children but due to her epilepsy they wouldnt let her so she trained as a seamstress by default. I was amazed as she has never said a thing about this before.
Did anyone see Monty Don's programme about craftsmen on BBC2 on Friday night? It was a bout weaving. Wow what an amazing craft, so intricate and clever. Two of the people who took part made the most incredible pieces of work and one, called Tref, is my friend Luke's friend. He made the most beautiful piece of work. The other lady of g8 talent is a lady called Holly Berry, cool name huh! She is actually a sustainable fashion designer and has just launched her own website and has a blog where you can see her work. It is really beautiful. Please give her some support. Luke's friend Tref won a g8 prize to expand his skills with the Master weaver and Holly has continued her skills which she has demonstrated on her blog/website.
Anyway hope u have all had a g8 Mother's day.


  1. Sounds like you've had a great day....and so glad your mum liked the page.

  2. So pleased you've had a good day :-) Amazing how our parents can still surprise us, huh! Have a fab week hun x

  3. I saw that programme..really interesting. thank you for the lovely message you left on my blog for Mothers Day x


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