Friday 16 April 2010

Car trouble

....................hi everyone my name is Izzy, I am ten years old and am my mummy's car. I have been pretty poorly since the beginning of this year when I broke down on the way to Bristol. Mum had to call the emergency rescue services to bring me home and then take me to Dr John. I had loads of tests on my engine and I was found to have a head gasket problem..............painful! After major surgery I was given a clean bill of health however mummy felt unsure about me and was extremely worried because I kept spiking a temperature. She knew as all mummy's do that there was something wrong with her baby so she took me to Dr John for a thorough checkup. He couldn't find anything wrong but I was still not right so she took me back to Dr J on Monday. He exam ined me again and told mummy I needed a new radiator. By now mummy was very worried about me as I might need to go to ''car heaven''. She spoke to grandad Gary who talked to his friend Dr Pete and he thought Dr John was talking aload of old rubbish so we took me to see Dr Pete for a second opinion. Dr Pete was lovely and found out that I had a crack in my thermostat housing and that was why my engine boiled over and I got a temperature. He gave me a new housing and then he did my MOT and made me as good as new. I purr now when I go out with mummy and she is so happy I am not getting hot cos they don't do Calpol for me in Tescos. I am very glad I hae such a lovely mummy and grandad who take of me so well.
Mummy is still working hard applying for jobs she says and next week we have got to go on an interview so I will make sure I look after on the journey. She has applied for 10 jobs this week already, I think she deserves a break and she deserves the best job ever. She hasnt done any scrapbooking for a while cos she's been worried about things so much and got quite depressed a few weeks ago. She kept crying and I couldnt do anything to help her. Me, Holly and Willow the cats felt terrible. Holly and Willow made sure they gave lots of purrs and licks though and now she feels abit better. She is also really glad to have such nice friends from this blog cos they make her smile.
Anyway, I have to go and get cleaned as a special treat in the carwash, ;-)
Love Izzy and


  1. Hi Izzy, gosh, you poor thing! I'm sorry to hear you've been so poorly, but very pleased that after your operations and check-ups you're feeling much better. We've been worried about your mummy too, please tell her that I'm thinking about her and praying for her LOTS and I totally agree that she deserves a break. I'm sure the right job for her is out there and just hope and pray that it comes along soon xxx

  2. I'm glad to hear you are back on the road..your car doctors must be better diagnosticians (that is a word isn't it?) than mine!

    Still hoping that the right job comes along for you very soon x

  3. So glad the car is now sorted....good luck with the interview


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