Sunday, 11 April 2010


Hiya everyone, promised I'd do something this weekend. Well I didn't get the job I went for on Friday............I was over qualified, but they think I could apply for Health visiting roles so I have done. I'll let you know how it goes. The job interview in Blackpool fell through cos an internal candidate decided they could move afterall, so I'm still jobless but not as suicidal as I was a few weeks ago.
I havent done any scrapbooking for ages so I have nothing artistic to show you but I have tidied alot of stuff away so keep your eyes peeled. Shimelle is looking for more LOs for the Autumn edition of Scrapbook Inspirations so have a go. I might!!!!
I have been doing alot of reading and have rather come the spell of this author...............

So far I have read both this and the 2nd book in the trilogy. If anyone would like to read them, send me your address and I'll send them to you. They are brilliant thrillers set in Sweden and involve The girl herself who is called Lisbeth and a journalist called Mikael. It is a complex story but one which is written amazingly well. The author died suddenly before he became famous so it's quite a sad legacy.
We also seem to be attracting the younger generation with Sian's daughter The Small one blogging today as her guest. Maybe we should do it as a regular feature. I only have my cats though, is that allowed do you think?


  1. Yes, it's allowed! Oh, wow..I've just noticed I'm a label :)

    Sorry about that job..onwards and upwards, eh? And that's what I'm reading at the moment too. x

  2. I'm sorry Jo xx All the best with the health visiting roles though :-) You'll continue in my thoughts and prayers, hun xx

    (And I'd love to read a post by your cats lol!)

  3. Sorry about the job,'s hoping for the health visitor one.Look forward to hearing from the cat!!

  4. It's a pity you didn't get the job - but on the other hand, if it means you end up with a better one.... Best of luck with your application for Health Visiting roles. If they hadn't liked you, they wouldn't have suggested you apply!!! Stay positive if you possibly can - I'm sure your job is there waiting for you!

    I think your cats should definitely give us the benefit of their wisdom!

  5. Good grief, I will not suggest to my two that they write anything - anyway, I can't write a squeal!
    Keep at it Jo, the right job will be there for you :-)


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