Thursday, 8 April 2010

Wish me luck as u wave me goodbye.................

.....................planning on proper catch-up at the weekend but suffice to say I have been doing alot of reading for the BIG interview tomorrow on obesity! Have just finished the Powerpoint and printed everything out. Pray for positive thinking at 11am and no IT fowl-ups!!!!!!
Saw the lovely Lizzie's LO in the new SI Ideas book, very exciting to see a friend in print, well done. Mel's been to Transylvania, oooher scarey!!
................see yah soon


  1. Jo, thanks for the kind comment about my layout - did you also see Karen's (from Dolly's Dreamings)? Page 109 - lovely layout about being brave enough to have a full-length photo taken.

    Best of luck with your interview tomorrow. You certainly work hard for your interviews and deserve to do well. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. Good luck with your interview tomorrow Jo. I'll be thinking of you and crossing all applicable apendages :)

  3. Oh hun, my thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow xx Sleep well, wake up refreshed and energised, and go for it! :-)

  4. Hi Jo, hope all goes well for you!


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