Thursday 13 May 2010

...............and it was all yellow...............

Today I pootled off towards Bristol to visit one of the potential places I could be based as a Health visitor. It's in a place called Knowle and is south of the actual city. From my perspective it is much easier to travel to as I wouldn't have to negotiate the city centre traffic. The HVs are based in a purpose bulit health centre with a walk-in centre next door and the team has at present 1 HV, 1 community children's nurse and 3 nursery nurses. The health visitor Margaret showed me around and gave a g8 insight into the area and the way in which the team works. She is obviously an extremely experienced health visitor and I felt really comfortable speaking with her. I asked loads of questions and felt that I could fit in comfortably there. I also chatted with Anne the community chidlren's nurse who has only worked in the area since January herself. She was extremely positive about her experiences and I strongly feel this is the place I supposed to be. I will praying hard that this is so.
On my way home I saw fields of these

...............oil seed rape. It is amazing how they have suddenly gone from green to yellow gold. The views coming home were just like a patchwork of yellow and green mixed in the odd sheep and cows! I have been trying to find some decent bluebell woods and have been given a tipoff so hopefully some bluewell woods to scrapboook soon.
This evening was Brownies and we crafted like mad. There was glimmery pearlescent paint, glitter paper and fabric, beads, wool, feathers and all to make talking sticks, a Native American way of giving individuals within a powwow a voice. We are doing a badge whcih is addressing disabilities and had a lady with her guide dog last time. There was an awful lot of painting and mess by the end but hey, that's what we all do for out art isn't it?!
This arrived today.............

I've coveted this punch for ages and have trawled through the Internet to find it at the cheapest possible price. Using a bracket punch will help me enhance my minibooks which I havent shared much of but I like making so watch this space.
I also got this via Amazon. Now I never buy books at full price and often find that the most reasonable prices prices are via other groups within Amazon's site. Sometimes I but the used or new books from another seller and I have excellent buys from both. The Book Depository is excellent and very quick delivery and is always competitively priced. I have wanted a basic but very well explained sewing book for a while. My mum taught me hand sew when I was a child and as a seamstress she also taught me dressmaking so I'm not too bad, but a book is also excellent revision and support and since I have had my sewing machine, I've wanted to make some better things for myself and my home. I'm not the best stitcher by any stretch of the imagination but I've made myself dresses etc in the past. So I got this little gem................

It's got really clear pictures and instructions and some g8 projects to try.
Finally the monatana clematis has finally flowered on my wall and pretty baby girl today was enjoying rolling in the dust..................I can feel a fight with the brush coming on..............wish me luck.


  1. Love your top photo Jo - called Canola here now .... my Dad used to plant it and the colour was fantastic!

    Job sounds great, I'm sure you will fit in really well :-)

  2. I don't know what to comment on first :)

    Your photographs of the field look amazing. I love the patchwork of Britain - it's something I love to look at when I'm on train/car journeys. It just seems so soothing.

    Good luck with the sewing. All you need is a bit of confidence and you'll be creating pretty things left, right and centre.

    And, lastly....speaking of pretty things. I'm looking forward to seeing your mini books make an appearance.


  3. That looks like an excellent sewing book. Not long ago, I bought a brilliant one about sewing with a machine but it was a present for a friend and now I can't remember what it was called to buy another one (Maybe that's just an excuse to spend a couple of hours browsing Amazon?)

    The job certainly sounds like one worth waiting for. Great news!

  4. Brilliant collection of photos and thoughts :-) My fave photo has to be the very satisfied cat! xx

  5. This is a lovely post. All the colourful photos... I know the rapeseed is flowering at last - I'm sneezing!!

    I hope that, as well as you feeling that Knowle is for you, they also feel that you are for them and put pressure on "the powers that be" to allocate Jo to their practice. I'll remember you in my prayers, Jo!

    Like the little punch you have bought. I used lots of these tabs on the Baby album commission I made last month - but I cut them all by hand!! A punch would have been good... I cut lots of stuff by hand though. Please post some of your mini-books asap - I would love to see them. I like to make mini-books too (as you know by now!).

    Great post - lots of interest. Love the Clematis too btw and hope you get that cat cleaned up!

  6. ooh thats my favourite punch i use it all the time, that book looks really cute, i have a degree in fashion and still struggle to make things, i have a list as long as my arm for pretty things for the new house, mainly cushions to be fair lol x


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