Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Do you think I would look good in these with my new wages packet ?????

I'm feeling tis one as it obviously has a massive amount of support and is well fitted cup wise.
..............or this one for it's extra fluffy love and it helps with nighttime reading or close scrapbooking.....


  1. Why Jo? Such forward planning of your paypacket!!!! ;-) I love the idea of up close scrapping with extra light though!

  2. AH that soo made me laugh! They look soooo very comfortable too (not!).

    Maybe M&S would be a better place to start? You could go for their red one with white polka dots and still afford the one with night-lights!

  3. LOL! Those nightlights are fantastic. I'm sure I've got some little LED lights somewhere...

  4. The first one for wearing out, definitely :-) The second one is a bit too plain and demure - though I suppose it would do for slobbing around the house... xx


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