Sunday 9 May 2010

Hairbows and invites.

Silly me.................yesterday I said I couldnt find the photos of me wearing my hairbow from Rachel, well that's cos they were still on my camera, doh!!!!! Anyway here is the pic of me wearing said beautiful hairband which is in red...........
I was worried whether it would stay in as I have naturally curly hair but Rachel gave me an extra long tie and it stays in no problems. Want another one now in an alternative colour.
I have also been crafting today and yesterday to finish my mum's 70th birthday party invites. Now to say it's all been abit fraught is to understand my mother. When she was 50 we arranged a surprise party and she loathed the fact that we sent her away for a few days before so we could arrange it all. She loved it in the end but anyway it was not something we thought we'd repeat. For her 60th we had a garden party which she loved and again went down very well, we didnt send her away this time so maybe that helped. Now this year she is 70. Quite why she is so odd I dont know but we checked whether she'd like a party, drew up the guest list, I said I was going to make the invites and checked she liked the colour ribbon and everything, so she cant say it's a surprise. Now all of a sudden she's gone all funny again and so I'm unsure how this is really going down. Whether she really doesnt want to be 70 I cant figure out but I've made the invites and my sister is checking today with dad to ensure all is ok as I have to send them out tomorrow. Anyway here are the invites and the flock of pretty butterflies I have made to go on them............

So these are the flock of butterflies. I used 2 different punches and have 1 butterfly in fuchsia mirricard and 1 in silver pealescent paper. They are stuck on top and then 2 pearls added alon the centre as pearl is my mum's birthstone.

Here is a closeup.

The card itself is fairly simple. I bought plain white cards and sprayed them with silver Spray and sparkle by Crafter's companuion. It's really good and doesn't shed.
I had a photo of my mum when she was about 2 and so resized it on Photoshop and added a vintage frame. then printed them out and mounted them on fuschia miricard. Next I wrote the invitiation on Windows and printed these out on pearlescent paper and cut them to fit as inserts to the cards. Finally I added a narrow fuschia ribbin at the spine to finish it off. Finally I will add the butterfly to each invite.

So here is the finished product..............................
Let's just hope they actually get sent otherwise they'll be abit useless.......................


  1. Wow, how very pretty, Jo! Of course you should send them... though I suppose if your mum is adamant that she won't have a party, it will be tricky. You could just stamp your foot and say "If you won't come to your party, we'll just have to have it without you!" - could work!

    Good luck with that, then!

    jO XXXX

  3. The invites are fab! We orgainised a 70th for my mum and she said she didn't want to go; but in the end she had a fab time. So I hope it turns out well for you too

  4. How cute are those butterflies! And how gorgeous are you in your bow? :-) My blue/turquoise (aqua?) one has arrived but I haven't had a chance to model it yet. You may or may not see a photo when I do....! xx

  5. They are utterly gorgeous Jo :-) Love your bow, suites your lovely curly hair beautifully :-)

  6. omg im so sorry i thought i comments, had a naffy week so a bit all over the place, the bow looks so cute, so pleased you like it :)


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