Tuesday 11 May 2010

There once was an ugly duckling...........or in this case a cute few!

Went into Wells today to get some bits now I've been paid my benefits.............that will soon be a thing of the past............yippee. I am writing a list of things I'd like to do when I receive my first pay cheque. The list includes:
  • buy my parents and sister a nice meal,
  • buy some new clothes and especially bras!!!!
  • start a savings account I can keep up with.
  • have a housewarming party..................or in this case flat warming.
  • visit the friends I haven't been able to for months
  • save for a holiday
  • save for Christmas.
This list will probably be overtaken with more mundane things but I feel it is important to have some goals I can look forward to.
I went to the Moat around the Bishop's Palace as I haven't seen the ducklings for a week, imagine my emotions when I discovered that only 3 of the original ducklings are still alive.........

It seems that something has carried them off. However the little cute yellow one is still there despite our feats he would be picked off really easily. Let's hope the 3 surviving ducklings will manage to keep away from whatever picked off the others.

This guy made me laugh.....................king of the castle duck!!!!!
The other thing which I had to do was post off my books for read it swap it. If you've never heard of it, it is a website where you lists books u'd like to swap and u make a list of books u'd to get. I have swapped 4 this week so I had to send them off. I am getting Juliet Naked by Nick Hornby, and 3 others I've been after for a while for P & P. I am hoping someone will swap Wolfhall with me at some stage but at the moment I am reading a g8 booko by Wally Lamb. It's about identical twin boys in America. One of whom has schizophrenia. At the beginning of the book he does something incredibly shocking and the book unfurls from there narrated by his brother and moves across different times in their lives and the effects his illness has had on him and other characters. It is very good and sad in places.
Also posted the invites for mum's birthday, no foot stamping was necessary Lizzie!!!!! I also took one over to one of her firneds in Wookey. She has the most beautiful home and garden and we sat drinking coffee and eating bickies with her dog Milly. We also watched a bluetit brining bits and pieces to her birdbox...............whether they have babies or are prepapring for them we couldn't tell.


  1. So good to hear about you planning for the future. A new job definitely deserves a celebratory new bra!

  2. Oh. So funny. The first thing I bought with the money from my new job was underwear! What are we like? :)

    Crossing my fingers that your CRB won't take too long. Mine took five weeks (it came through this morning!) Now I no longer need a 'minder'.

  3. Poor duckies! So pleased you can now look forward to new bras...

    PS Not convinced that Clair doesn't need a minder, CRB or no CRB ;-)

  4. I think it's a great idea to have that list....even if you manage them one a month for awhile......something to look forward to.

  5. Ah, maybe they have sharks in the Moat? Or else Terrapins or Pike (a bit more likely, I suppose). Poor duckies...

    Your list of things to do with your new salary is great. Of course, as you say, it may well be overtaken by the mundane, but at least you are making plans for your future. And even if you only put £50 a month into your savings account, it is a good start... if you do it right from the beginning, you won't miss it because you won't have got used to it in your bank.
    New bra's.. it's a bit sad when you have to wait for your paycheque to buy undies - no wonder you've been so frustrated by your lack of a job! I think you have coped with it pretty well - I'm not sure I would have managed so well. Yes I know you did have some very bad days, but mostly you did well and coped - and, importantly, carried on looking for work! And it paid off...
    I wish you well with your new job (and I hope the CRB get on with it!!).


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