Sunday 13 June 2010

Blog awards and sunshine

So this weekend has turned out rather beautifully even though Alan didn’t come. I was woken by the man from Next with a big box for me. What could this be I asked myself and opened the box to find a bunch of beautiful roses in yellow, orange, pink and dark pink from said Alan asking profusely for forgiveness etc. Of course there wasn’t anything to forgive but flowers are always acceptable. I the hopped over to see Mum and Dad’s church fete and got free coffee and cake, plus helped my dad’s book stall. In the afternoon I sat in the gardens here and read my book and enjoyed relaxing.

Today I have to baby sisters where she had a braii or BBQ for us UK residents. It was lovely and the weather stayed beautiful until just before I left when it threw down. Rachel had literally just been reading on her I-pod that the forecast for Wales was torrential rain. Quite why we got it as we were not in Wales is another matter however it came and then went. She has given me a load of pampering smellies as I am so poverty stricken including some self-tan! So hopefully I will look sun-kissed for next Sunday...................mum’s 70th.

I was nominated for a 'Creative Writer' blogger award by Sian from High in the Sky. I was glad to receive this not only as I love something different but I have been a bit lax in the blogging ideas of late.

First, there are rules. (I'm not usually one for rules but I'm happy to go along with these!)

1. I need to express gratitude to the blogger who bestowed the award. Whoop, whoop and one of those South African horn thingummyjigs they are using at the football to Sian.

2. Display the blog award on my blog..................tah dah............

3. Be nice and provide a link to the person who gave it to me.....the perfectly petite Sian....and then ...............

4. Tell up to 6 outrageous lies about myself and at least, 1 outrageous truth. Or, switch it around and tell 6 outrageous truths and 1 outrageous lie!

5. I need to then nominate 7 creative writers to do the same.

6. I then have to post links to each of the nominees I have named below.

So here are my responses....................

1. I saw Ferris Bueller’s day off before it came to the cinema as an audience participant and decided which bits were good and not so good,

2. I can recite the whole of the Scooby Doo and the snowman mystery by heart,

3. I have met and sat next to Daniel Day Lewis before he was mega-famous,

4. My friend is a crime writer,

5. I’ve sat in Captain Kirk’s chair,

6. My parents have attended the Queen’s garden party,

7. I am an unacknowledged extra in Doctor Who and get to kiss David Tennant and Capt Jack Harkness before saving them both from the Daleks and giving my life to save them!!!!!

Now I have to nominate 7 clever writers to complete this task............. so I have chosen

1. Mel

2. Lizzie

3. Amy

4. Jacky

5. Rachel

6. Rachel B

7. Abi

Now you must hop over and see what terrible fibbers they all are, or not.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend,Jo.
    Love your answers here.....and thanks for nominating me.....though I don't really know if I should be thanking you!!!! I'm a very uncreative writer....this will really take some thinking about!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jo (erm, I think...).
    I'm inclined to dismiss all those preposterous stories as bare-faced lies. All except the last, which is obviously the utter truth - I mean, who'd lie about being in Dr. Who? We all watch it - we'd notice if you weren't there...

    Hee hee...

    A great post, Jo! Glad you had such a good weekend.

    Easy on the self-tan for the party - we can't have you looking all streaky... remember to exfoliate and moisturise the day before and slather those knees (and other scratchy bits) with moisture cream first, so you don't catch the dreaded "orange knees disease"!
    Have a good week.
    I'm off to try and think of my 7 things now. I'm a hopeless liar face to face - wonder if I can pull it off in writing though...

  3. Haha! I knew you'd be good for a few whoppers! (Or with ref to that last one, wishful thinking) Not sure what to believe..but the nobody has guessed mine right either :)

    The flowers sound gorgeous. A really thoughtful gesture.

  4. yes wishful dreaming is free i find and if dave or john are reading please can i kiss u?

  5. Me, a fibber?! Thanks Jo, I'll give this one a bit of thought! xx


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