Friday, 11 June 2010

Seriously annoying........

Having to come into Wells everytime to blog is getting seriously annoying! Anyway, congrats to Miss Abi for her fab Cat Crafter LO in Scrapbook Inspirations 2nd volume. It is beautiful. I have finished a few more LOs but run out of time to blog them as it's taken ages to get online.
Saw my fave ducklings today and cute yellow one has turned into cute white duckling.............he is still adorable. Have still no word about when I begin work but have also been to Yeovil for occy health so maybe I'll start doing some bank work first.
Oh well, need to check some of ytour blogs so see you soonish!!!!1


  1. Your internet not working sounds a lot more annoying than our boiler not working!! I can always put on an extra jumper, but miss out on blogging? Euw! Hope it's sorted soon.

  2. That must be soooo frustrating.... I don't think I could cope! I do hope it's not a problem for much longer xx

  3. Hope you can soon get it sorted out, Jo! Nice to hear from you anyway - glad you are taking the trouble to stay in touch -we'd miss you!


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