Friday 4 June 2010

Minibooks, Lyme Regis and Alpacas

So I am trying hard not to get big headed about the link to Dotcomgift shop but yey me!!!!! So suitably pleased I had an evening of crafting and have finished another project from Scrapamia.
Here are the final pictures to date of the minibook of Barcelona. This is the front cover with my lovely bright ribbon tie..................

This is the final pages at the moment.

Anyway, now Jane Dean's class. This was completely different. We were presented with a flar pizza box and a bag of goodies. What we had to make were a load of boxes to fit within the box and then decorate it like an altered scrapbook page. The idea is from trays used originally for typesetters. So here is my completed project...............
One of the things we could choose was 2 shells and that set my mind thinking about my fave place and how I could celebrate it in scrapbooking properly. Firstly we had to make the boxes. There were 16 boxes in Janes design but 4 could become 2 long ones so I opted for those. The boxes are 3 x 3 inches and 6 x 3 inches with an inch wide lip, I think that's right. It took alot of time to make the boxes hence not completing the class. My friend Gayle had her Bigshot with her some Tim Holtz dies so we got some swirls which I havent put on as yet, a bird and cage, and the heart and wings. The flowers I made into a heart shape last night and the key is hanging over the quay..............pun on words cool huh?
So onto the Alpacas, I loooooooooooooooove alpacas and was meant to go several years ago on a charity trek to Peru but unfortunately I broke my ankle and couldnt go. So any chance I get I there with these cute fellows. Anyway this weekend is the Bath and West show and my mum and dad took me. First stop after pigs and sheep was the Alpacas.
Here are 4 babies, there were lots more but I spent too much time cooing over them I ran out of time to take pictures!!!!! They are so gentle natured and speak in low voice saying Mmmhhhh as if they've eaten something yummy. When u reply they respond, ah cuteness. My dad bought me a teddy of Aplaca wool, it is the softest thing I have ever felt. It is also white so is on a high shelf away from my own alpaca maned pussy Willow who is shedding fur like nobodies business and has fleas............oooh!

Here are some cute sheep too.

I also got some vintage cupcake cases for mum's birthday and some orchid design edible decorations to go on top. The party is coming together and mum is I think excited. Anyway must go so I can read some of ur blogs before I go back to save my car from the parking inspector.


  1. Oh yes, you have to borrow the internet just now, don't you!? Hope yours is back soon.

    Love those alpacas - so much more polite than llamas and so lovely and woolly. I took some nice pics of alpacas at the Gower Ag. Show when we went to Oxwich Bay for our hols a couple of years ago.

    Love your Printers tray project - I do like Jane's designs. She's fab.

    The mini-album is coming on so well. Can you manage a bloggy-slide-show when it's done?

  2. That printers tray project is really cool :) A personalised one would make a great gift (Looks pretty labour intensive mind you!)

    Alpacas look cool too. I saw some on that Monty Don programme not long ago did you see it?

  3. wow great page/mini book you have been busy, those alpacas are seriously cute, i dont think i have ever seen one in real life before lol x

  4. So cool to catch up with your blog, babe - all your gorgeous projects - and your fabby news!! I know a famous blogger, woo-hoo..... ;-) Congrats! xx


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