Thursday, 24 June 2010

So far.................

I have found out all the 2 million or so codes for the doors into the health centre................... and
  • met my manager Sheila who is really lovely, calls a spade a spade and is very approachable,
  • logged myself onto my computer and got some emails..............oooh
  • learnt how to make the coffee............hahaha
  • taken a few photos!!!!!
  • played with some toddlers today at group with our nursery nurses,
  • spoken to a social worker
  • met some of the gps
  • been on a couple of visits with Jill the other health visitor at the moment
  • driven over 160 miles since Monday am!!!!!!!!
  • been for lunch with the health visitors from the other practice at Horse World.............awwww cute horses.
  • had 2 days of induction and another study day tomorrow.............boring
  • had to try and book child protection training, Solihull training, domestic abuse training, adult/child resuscitation training and aload of others,
  • sung nursery ryhmes at group...................

and that's just in the past 4 days or so. The week has flown by so far but so far all ok and loving it although extremely tired.
Here are a few pics from the birthday girl's party................. in my posh frock,
Dietmar, Lil Sis, mum, dad and me....................
pretty bunting, more on that another time!..................

mum with a massive bottle of champagne from her Cousin Carol in France, this is hysterical cos she looks half-cut but hardly drinks!!!!

I love this picture, my lil sister was organising us to take pictures with the timer. Basically u set up the timer on ur camera, place it on the ground, stand in a circle with ur arms around each other and when ur ready set the timer. Pretty cool photo if I say so myself.


  1. That last photo is genius :-) Lovely to get a glimpse of how work is going for you - and so good to see the pics, thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Love those photos! The last one is such fun and I love the bunting (see my new blog post later, for more bunting!!)

    So glad your job is going well. XX

  3. Love that last photo,Jo....looks like a great time was had by all.
    Sounds like there will never be a dull moment in your job!!

  4. Jo what a fabulous day! Love the posh frock too - those colours are gorgeous!
    Enjoy the weekend - you must be worn out!

  5. What a great way to take a picture! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.

  6. so sorry i havent been visiting much, hectic times, hope you had a great birthday, lovely photos and lovely dress, hope you enjoy your new job x


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