Saturday 26 June 2010

First week back.................

All going g8 so far although last night I felt like a vegetable. I'm sure that'll improve given time. Things were slightly dampened however once I managed to get through to the Signing off team. Because I have been off work for 7 months I should be entitled to my housing benefit still but oh no, because I worked for those 4 days months ago I'm no longer eligible so I get NOTHING until I get paid on 22nd July. Now how's that meant to help me stay in work?! Of course I was terribly upset as it means I'll have to borrow some money from somewhere.............or else find the local red light district (joking just in case ur seriously thinking I'd consider it). Things have definately been tinged with a slight gloom now.
On more upbeat notes, I have been tidying up and tomorrow will do something I haven't done for ages..........ironing. I hate it. Just the worst thing which could have been invented. Other than that I spoke to a friend who is off to Sheffield Pride today and sat in the gardens with my book. We were watching lots of helicopters coming over and wondered if they're all heading to Glastonbury. I will be watching Scissor Sisters, Muse and the Pets and also the last ep of this series of Dr WHO. More news tomorrow and maybe some pictures too.


  1. Jo, it's no wonder people stay on benefits! They don't exactly encourage you to find work... ridiculous! Hope you can sort it out okay.
    Wasn't Dr Who great? Loved it!
    Enjoy Glastonbury.

  2. Oh Jo, I'm so sorry to hear about the benefits situation - that's really unfair! xx

    PS What's 'ironing'??? ;-)

  3. Sounds very unfair to me. Where's the logic to that?


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