Saturday 3 July 2010

At last.......................

Shimelle's class has come along. It starts on Monday and all the details are up on the forums if u've signed up.............see you there.

It runs for 4 weeks so something to keep us busy for the next month. Now if ur after something to follow this up with look no further cos Big Picture Scrapbooking have come up trumps with a free, no you didnt mishear me, FREEEEEE class!

Big Idea Festival!

You are invited to a FREE festival packed full of big ideas at Big Picture Scrapbooking this August! Join us for 13 fun-filled days featuring 13 of our talented instructors. Each instructor will share 3 project ideas with you - that's 39 projects, all for free!

It runs from 12-Aug-10 to 24-Aug-10 (13 Days) Registration Ends 24-Aug-10

In other news, this rather fetching young man

has returned from the wilds of Namibia to Southampton after 6 months away working with WYWAM. When I spoke to him, he sounded fab although abit shocked by the smallness of our island after the huge expanses of space and mountains Africa has to offer. I'm sure he'll adapt beautifully but hanker for Africa again.

So this week I have been knackered for want of a better word. I dont know why but hope I'll feel normal next week or else I'll be feeling worse. Anyway it's been an interesting week, I've done some baby checks, clinic, been out visiting babies at home and also been on a mandatory study day. These are ones all health professionals have to do routinely. So part of this one was adult and child resusciation. Did you know that on 0.1% of children resucitated in the community survive? I was shocked. Our group had had alot of experience of child deaths which threw the resus trainer abit, as it is quite rare still, however alot of us had worked in baby and children's intensive care. It was good to practice and revise what we need to know as it could save a life, even just one. I was surprised how aduklt resus has changed now as you dont do any breaths just compressions, the logic being when you are compressing and releasing, air enters the lungs naturally anyway.

This poor little baby was my resus assistant, she looks pretty gastly but I resucitated her and gave a nice cuddle afterwards.

So last weekend was this rather unknown festival. Hardly anyone comes and the music's not that g8!!!!!!!!
Have you had ur head in the sand? Glasto is fab, I had to watch it on the TV again but it was g8 to see some of my fave strutting their stuff. I saw Scissor Sisters, Pet Shop Boys, Editors and Muse. Awesome.

And finally, despite the football not interesting me in the slightest, here is what alot of the streets look like in Knowle at the moment. G8 isn't it, a real community spirit.
Anyway, off to have a lovely, well deserved beer. Oh almost forgot, treated myself to one of Rachel's new designs.................


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the free BPS class - have signed up too.

  2. Ooh, this free class sounds very good - thanks!

    I would think you will be tired! A very busy week, after all that time unemployed - sure to be exhausting! Keep going and let yourself rest whenever you can... you'll "get used to it" after a little while; meanwhile, take care of yourself and eat & sleep well too. x

  3. Hey Jo! Glad to see that you'll be a fellow classmate once again - and I'm going to register for the Big Idea Festival too. Looks awesome!

    On another note, so glad your friend has enjoyed Namibia. It will most likely stay in his soul forever, as it has mine.

  4. You're bound to be tired because everything is so new, next week won't be so knackering I bet!

    I've signed up for the BPS class too. It sounds great :)

  5. I bet your really tired first weeks back after 2 weeks holiday are hard enough, thanks for the blog pimp, really appreciate it, you are the only one who has bought one :( xx


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