Sunday 27 June 2010

First week pictures.

Just a shorty to show u some pictures from this week:

The first 2 days were spent here doing induction to the Trust. Alot of info to take in and not always relevant but it was good to get the full picture of how the Trust operates. I also met 2 other new health visitors and 2 speech therapists and a medical student. We've exchanged numbers so hopefully we'll meet up sometime.
Me having coffee on the first day with my label on!!!! I have got my official namebadge and that smile hasn't faded over the week, in fact I think it's gotten wider.

Monday evening my sis and her BF bbq'd and I stayed over.

On Tuesday we had fire safety and I got to put out a simulated computer fire!!!! We then all had to go into a smoke filled room in small groups and find our way out again. That was really scarey.
Geese on Chew Valley Lake. I go past this huge reservoir every day on the way to work. I stop most days for some fresh air.

So this is the Health centre where I work. It is on huge site in the centre of Knowle and there is also a Walk In Centre on the site as well.

The door to our office.
The view from my window. If you look closely, you can see Clifton Suspension Bridge in the distance.

On Friday we went to a directorate morning to assess staff issues and had to make lots of crafty things. This is all about communication.
So tomorrow, I am working doing 9month baby developmental checks and shadowing Jill, my HVing colleague. Looking forward to what this new week holds.


  1. Ah Jo, it looks like a great week... I hope Week 2 is just as fun (and week 3, week 4 etc etc)!
    Love your Crafty Collage!

  2. Sounds fascinating,Jo....and so much're not going to have a chance to get bored at least.
    Great collage.

  3. Ooh, I don't like the sound of that smoke filled room at all! I like the view from your room though. Here's to a second successful week!

  4. I love your smile Jo :-) it's lovely to see you so happy and enjoying your new job - even if it means clambering out of smoke filled rooms!


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