Wednesday 14 July 2010

Class pictures.

Just a couple of pictures of the Shimelle class I am taking part in. Yesterday was all about the sky and taking pictures, well as it rained I waited until today and these are the results.

Todays prompt was to use the floor as ur tripod so I did. I set my camera to timer and just set it down around the carpark and took lots of shots. These are the ones I like best, and yes Willow wanted to be the model hence the massive furry paws. In reality they are pretty huge for a little persian lady.

Feeling less tired today but still hoarse and croaky.


  1. Keep feeling better, hun xx

    Lovely photos! Lucky you, seeing blue skies today. We've just had various shades of grey....

    I love the feet/paws shots! Are you going to scrapbook them? x

  2. those paws are defo being scrapped, i mean she would never leave me alone!!!!! ;-))
    Jo xxx

  3. How cool is this blog looking?!

    Jo the paws shot is fantastic :-) Your skies look great at the moment - today I'll be able to get out for some shots but the last two days have had no definition whatsoever - just a dull overcast bleh kind of sky.

  4. Still raining here this morning! Your skies are looking a bit better than ours at least.

    Hope you feel a lot better by the weekend :)

  5. Hope your feeling better Jo? What lovely pictures. So lucky with the blue skies. Still definitely grey here! Sob sob! The cat paws are so cute in the ground pics! Abi xxx


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