Tuesday 13 July 2010

New look.

As I am at home feeling sickly, I thought I'd look for a new look blog template. As luck would have the lovely Adori Graphics have a premade free template available. Well there are 2: one is the London skyline and this one which is Vintage. Dead easy to change to and you can contact Louise  for advise on making any other changes. I love Louise's blog as she explains how to update and alter your blog in a really user friendly way and not in loads of IT speak which believe me would blow my mind. She designs lovely templates both individual ones and customised. Check her site out, I've recommende her before so this is count 2!!!! Love the paper, butterflies and also the cute flowers between each post. What do u guys think?


  1. Are you feeling okay??

    I'm so glad you recommended Adori before, lots of great advice there! I love the grey you've got going on here..very chic.

  2. Love the new blog template Jo. Hope you feel better soon. Few prayers winging their way to you! xxx

  3. As soon as your blog started to load I thought, 'Is that a new look? It looks good!' :-)

    Sending get well prayers your way too xx

  4. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the shout-out. I got your note about the text size. Can you let me know which text you're referring to - your header title, or the regular text on your blog? If you could email me I'll try and help you.

    Thanks Lxx


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