Monday 12 July 2010

The dreaded lurgy and news..............

Over the last few days I have succumbed to the hideous cold virus. I dosed myself up with vitamins for months before starting work and then on Thursday it hit with avengance. Viruses always go for the jugular or my case the larynx so I sound like a dalek. I had a terrible headache and a temperature. I dragged myself into work on Friday and managed until lunchtime by which time I was flaking out. Over the weekend I flet worse but by today I thought I could go to my Child Protection study day. I managed until after lunch and then had to go home again so tomorrow I'm staying in bed!!!!! The study day was really good despite me coughing and sneezing over my colleagues. Did you know that approxiamately 20% of suspected paedophiles in Britain are women and that despite popular belief some sexual predators are young people themselves? It was a very thought provoking and disturbing day at times. To anyone with children on the Internet just make sure they are aware of the dangers and you protect your comoputers as much as possible. It was scarey some of the ways perpetrators groom children on the net.
In news  Elle's studio are holding a journalling course in August which is free. As someone who is often unsure on how or what on occasion to journal, I think this will be a g8 course to follow.

Shimelle's course on taking better photographs is going well, although my stinking cold has limited the pictures I have taken today and over the weekend. Also I only have a point and shoot digi camera not a DSLR so have limited choices on the things I can alter. However I will give it my best shot.................ooh cool pun.
On a lighter note, well if you're not watching your weight, I found this site today, yummy cakes and beautiful designs by a lady called Peggy Porschen
Check out the other cakes on her website, they are truly amazing.


  1. So sorry you're poorly,Jo...hope you soon pick up.
    The journaling course sounds great....I really struggle with journaling.

  2. Thought I'd slipped into an episode of Criminal Minds for a moment there :)

    Hope you're all better soon Jo x

  3. Poor you! Hope you feel much better soon.
    Sobering thoughts about Child Protection... hmm...

  4. Oh Jo I know exactly how you feel except I'm more on the sinus side of things - just got back from the Dr and the pharmacy with a great wad of stuff :-(

    That class sounds very good, I just signed up for a Cathy Zielske one though that will be very journaling heavy .... gorgeous cakes by the way!

  5. What rotten luck to get sick so soon after starting work :( Hope it's not too long lasting.

  6. Oh Jo, when you left a daytime comment on my blog I wondered if it meant you were off work, so sorry you're poorly xx

    Thanks for the tip about the journaling class :-)


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