Monday, 19 July 2010

Great crafting ideas.................

So today, I am still sick, went to the GP who has signed me off for this week with a viral infection which apparently is doing the rounds. She also wants me to have some blood tests, won't bore with the details. Anyway, as I cant go out photographing today, I thought I'd send you to some tutorials which I found today on some of the blogs I follow:
  • the first one is a rose tutorial, similar I think to Tim Holtz and can be found here. Looks dead easy to make but really effective. Save abit of money too as these are quite similar to some Prima roses and you could glitz them up with different designed paper, stickles, glitter and flowersoft. You can find the link here at Minor Stamping  where Lourae does some brilliant crafting,
  • the second is from Emy's craft blog, she is one of our classmates from Love your pictures if you're joining in and she has made a wonderful minibook of some of her sunrise and sunset pictures using card and acetate. She is also a wellknown scrapbooker in Bristol and has been published this month in Scrapbook Magazine.
  • the third idea comes from Ideas for Scrapbookers  where Sara has given a g8 tutorial for making an original circle border on a layout using cirlces of card. This is an easy but effective way to make a border and again use up some of your card/patterned papers.
  • next comes a new digital template designer the lovely Mel, she has designed her first one and is offering it for free, it's a simple design but looks really effective with all your digital goodness added, and of course dont forget you can hybrid scrap digital templates too.
  • Finally I'd like to send you to my friend Sian's house where she blogged about some inspiring blog ideas hereself at the weekend. Sian writes a humerous scrapbooking blog where her wit and personality definately make her blog one to watch.
Anyway thanx for stopping by and I hope you enjoy visiting some new blogs and finding some new ideas to share and utilise in your own projects.


  1. You poor thing, I do hope you feel much better soon xx

    Thanks so much for the interesting links, and I'm thrilled to be included, thank you for linking to my template :-)

  2. Oh Jo - it sounds nasty, take care and rest up :-)
    I'm working on that tutorial you asked for - that's why I'm here now ..... procrastinating!


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