Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bokeh lesson.

Having just read the latest prompt from Shimelle I thought I'd give it a go and look what pretties I made! I loved the picture I took of lavender when we were doing a zillion flowers as it happened to be blurred in the front and sharp at the back. I found a beautiful heart shaped bokeh called heart attack on Flickr which you can access here. It looks like this to start off with.............

I used it and just fiddle around the layers available in Photoshop elements and also the opacity. I will let you know whcih ones at a later date. The original is top left hand corner of this collage.

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  1. Hey Jo! I like your texture on your lavendar photos! Haven't tried it yet, perhaps tomorrow!
    CU in class!

  2. Love it, Jo! :-) It took me a while to get an effect I liked but I love all of yours - think I was using the wrong photos.... xx


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