Saturday 17 July 2010

Saturday's events

Today I went out for the first time on 10 days to Wells to do abit of shopping and have a mooch around. As always my trusty camera was there at the ready and look at the blue sky!!! I took these pictures in front of Wells Cathdral some looking skyward and some from the grass using the ground as my tripod. There were alot of people out relaxing and enjoying the sunshine, it was raining cats and dogs this morning. There was also a wedding going on. Dont know quite what you have to be to have your wedding in the cathedral but it was very beautiful. The bride and groom were down by the moat in their vintage car having pictures taken.
The other 2 pictures in this collage are of the market square. We are really lucky as we have a market twice weekly and there is lots of loca produce and yummy international cuisine to try, oh and books, jigsawz, clothes , jewllery so it's not all food!!!!!! Anyway my cupcake stall holder was there from Lyme Regis. Today I treated my self to a vanilla with pink frosting and a chocolate with chocolate frosting. The vanilla one was yummy.
Thanx for all the kind words you left yesterday, I know it's not my usual blogging subject but sometimes live creeps in and gives us a wakeup call so thanx for your prayer support.
So the sun is out and I am thinking about sitting outside in the sunshine for a while, there is nothing else going on really. I am reading another good book and have just sent of 2 via Read it swap it. I got a watercolour book in return for one and the other is called The 19th Wife. Paid Post and packaging via the Internet Post Office so that was helpful. I sent off ''One Day'' which is a fab book all about 2 friends who over the course of over 20 years meet up or we see what they are doing on St Swithin's Day. It is funny, thought provoking and ssad too, worth a look. I also sent off Atonement which I have had on my swap site for ages but at last someone else wants to read it.
Anyway, off to decide what to do , see you all in class next week or maybe before in blogland.

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  1. Lovely catch up Jo, and great pics! (No pics of the cupcakes though???)

    I just noticed that you've used 'Mel' as a label as many times as you have 'Dr Who' :-) I'm honoured to be in such company! xx

  2. Great photos, Jo. I do like this arrangement you are using to show your photos - a sort-of collage. It's really nice.
    My "ground as a tripod" photo attempt was a bit of a laugh - all I got was a great close-up of some blades of grass! Another try tomorrow perhaps!

  3. Jo it looks like you had a great day out and the cupcakes sound super delicious :-) I'm so glad you take your camera with you when you are out and about - I love to see snippets of where you live - I should do that more often too!


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