Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Feeling old???!

So I'm wondering what people think happens when you reach your 40s because some of the comments I've got since the Sheffield trip make it sound like we should be well past it, ;-)) Well I am here to tell you that this almost 45 year old is no-where near that stage and hopes to be dancing for many more decades to come. There's life in the old not so doggy lady yet.
Anyway, the weekend was fabulous, we all went out to 2 clubs for my friends 21st and he had an amazing time. Now I dont really drink cos of all the drugs I have to take but they all did, though I didnt have to put anyone safely into a cab like I usually do. The atmosphere in the clubs was great as everyone was just having fun and no-one is posing. I was dancing to recent dance hits and some classic 80s and 90s stuff they didnt know, they werent born!!!!
Luke with his nursing friends Kyrie and Louisa,

me and the angels!!!!

I love this photo as it takes several to be taken to gewt just one I like. This time there are quite a few. Anyway after the drinking and dancing we went to the city centre to the parks and wheel.

Tried some up ideas ala Shimelle,
There are quite alot of green areas and reflective areas across Sheffield, the images are from the Peace gardens.............

This is the glass roof of the winter gardens..........................and the last is of the water wall outside the train station.

In the evenings they light it in blue/purple.


  1. Good for you, Jo - I hope you never stop dancing! :-)

    Great pics, that water wall must look stunning when it's lit up, it looks pretty amazing without the lights... xx

  2. the up photos are beautiful!
    And I'm still dancing, even if I'm pushing 50.

  3. So there is life yet in the old girl ;-) hehehehe

    I have my ingreadients to make the cake - will keep you posted with how I go.
    I love the first shot of the eye - it would make a great focal shot on a scrap page!

  4. Hey, those wheel photos are fab!!

  5. lovely photos Jo! Good on you for clubbing!! xxx

  6. great photos hun, i have never been a fan of clubbing ever, i always just wanted to go home lol, party pooper, cant remember the last time i went maybe jan 2008 and i remember scrapping it too so sure that was the last time thank god x


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