Saturday 28 August 2010

Yucky jobs..............

So I am looking forward to the bank holiday weekend, 3 days of relaxation after a fun week at work, although it ended up being only 3 days as I had car trouble. Anyway came home and one of my jobs was to help some little people get rid of these horrors...................

.................a delightful little creature known as a nit!!!!!1 Poor things didnt stand a chance with me super nit nurse, not only were they eradicated they will not return. At least I can say to my mum's now I know what to do and what it looks like, not pretty and u will never believe how many of the things can hide in such a small space. I am old enough to remember the nit nurses coming and us having to stand in a row getting our heads inspected. Anyone else have that memery?
Anyway today I am heading into Bath for a little shopping fun with my friend Kate. We are heading in on the bus cos parking is awful so will let u know what we did. Have a g8 day.


  1. Yuck indeed! We had a loooong phase with The Girl where we'd get rid of the things (and they really were gone, I know what I'm doing there) but then she'd get reinfected through a school friend. It's the reason her lovely long hair got chopped off short, but even that didn't solve the problem! In the end she stopped playing with a particular girl (no big falling out or anything, just both of them naturally developing other friendships) and she hasn't been reinfected since....

  2. Have fun shopping...have never been to Bath myself.

  3. i remember having the nit nurse and I'm only mid-20's! not sure when they phased them out. Luckily i never caught them!

  4. Oooh yes... I remember those nits! I picked them up during my teens - from an old hat! My hair was long and thick... my mother panicked and my grandma had to rescue me, before she used her dressmaking shears to cut all my hair off!! Suuuuch trouble getting rid of them.
    I got them again when I worked at the school... but this time I knew how to deal with them, having already de-loused a small niece and a friend whose kids brought them home as a nice present, from a stay with their cousins!
    I'm pleased to report we are all nit-free in our household these days... Phew!

    Well, after all that fun and enjoyment, Jo, I hope you have had a great day out in Bath!


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