Sunday 12 September 2010

I love a man in a uniform...

And in this case it's not just any old man, it's my gorgeous young man Ben who passed out as a fully qualified Marine Commando last Friday, I hasten to add he's not my romantic man, he's only 18 ;-))).
We were the largest group of people there for one Marine and we certainly made our presence felt. My dad came too as he loves anything military as his dad was a Coldstream Guard. We set off at 7am to go to Exmouth for the ceremonies which began at 9.45. It is an amazing base where they train all the marines, there are intakes every 2 weeks so passing out parades fortnightly too. We met loads of recruits who took to the right places and some of the ''sick'' recruits from Ben's troop who couldn't pass out until they finish the rest of the course. They had to watch their comrades, tough!
Anyway the day began with the commanding officer talking to us about the team who had dragged theses young men kicking, screaming, swearing and crying through the toughest 32 week course this country's armed forces have to offer. I have watched all the videos these had on their website showing the training week by week so know a bit of what Ben had gone through. Anyway we were then regailed with funny stories about all the training officers and then from behind a big stage curtain they introduced ''Your men''. They looked so smart and then they received their green berets officially grom the commanding officer.

They are actually given them originally back at one of their final tests, the 30 miler, so notorious it is scarey.
After this we were all taken to the parade ground where we waited to see our men parade in their dress uniforms with the military band. The sun even came out for that bit!!!!! It was amazing watching them doing all the rifle twirling and marching in order etc. and they all looked amazing in their dress uniforms..............Ben is the guys on the back far left....................................

After the parade etc. we had a slapup meal in the NAAFI!!!!!!! a place long discussed in family history but never entered. Then all the guys came back in still in their uniforms to see their family. It was so wonderful to speak with Ben as I havent seen him in over a year or his elder brother Josh and I used to see the whole family every week in Southampton, I watched them grow up since they were under 10 years old.

So here I am with my brave Marine and I have to say I was so proud...............I learned that for LSNED on Friday. I bounced around all day and I'm not even his mum and dad, but I knew how pride felt.
And here are the gorgeous McQueen boys together at last........from left to right, Josh, Ben and Sam. Josh is off to Uni next weekend and Sam is awaiting a football contract to be a professional!!!!!

As a final thing I had asked Nicola at Small Things Iced to make me some special cupcakes for Ben's gift. He loves food and cakes especially. So she made me one special green beretted cake and 11 combat gear cupcakes. Aren't they awesome?

If you live anywhere near Gosport in Hampshire and need cakes of anykind, check out her site and facebook page, Nicola is fab to work with and she works really hard to meet ur needs. She handcarved the cap badge for me and the combat icing looks like she made loads of different coured balls and rolled out to make one sheet. Isn't she clever? And all self taught she told me.

Anyway I am having a fun weekend sorting out my Iphone which I still cant ringout or receive calls on however with any luck it might work abit this space. I'm off to eat my cupcake and have a coffee.


  1. Ooh, I've come over all Officer And A Gentleman! What a wonderful day out (and a fab idea for a present)

  2. Sounds like you are very,very proud....and a fab day.

  3. Wow, what a special day :-) He looks so smart and proud - as do you, bless you!! And those cupcakes are super-duper xx

  4. Now I'm laughing at Sian and have no clever or witty back comment! ;-)

    Those cakes look amazing Jo - what a clever lady!

  5. Oh Jo, what a wonderful read, it looks like the day was enjoyed by all............... and yes what a handsome family! ;o)
    Thank you for the very kind words and the link to my site! it was a real pleasure making these for you and am very pleased they were liked!
    Many thanks Jo
    Nicky x

  6. great photos hun, looks like you have a fab time x

  7. Ooooh...those cupcakes are FABULOUS! It looks as though you had a wonderful day :)


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